Watch: Jeb Corliss defies death to grind the crack

Amazing Jeb Corliss jumpI wrote about seven extreme green sports on MNN earlier this year and probably should have included wingsuit BASE jumping.

This extreme variation of an already extreme sports requires jumpers to turn themselves into flying squirrels using specially made suits and then hurl themselves off mountains to fly down their steep slope, sometimes being literally feet off the ground.

It’s terrifying, exciting, and crazy all wrapped up in a shell of supreme awesome.

Few do it better than Jeb Corliss. Take a few minutes and watch this unbelievable video of him “grinding the crack” off a mountain in Switzerland. Pay special attention to the balloons.

Jeb made the news recently when he jumped through the Tianmen Hole, an actual hole in the side of a mountain in Hunan province, China. Check out his jump:


About the guest author: Shea Gunther is a professional blogger and social media junkie living in Portland, Maine. You can find him on Twitter, StumbleUpon, and Facebook.

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