Starbucks’ Times Square store gets lit by LEDs

Starbucks' flagship Times Square store gets lit with LEDs that look like old Broadway theatre lights

Gone are the days when LED lights are harsh, expensive, and impractical. Just like the CFL saga a decade or so ago, LED’s started out as little more than an intangible pipe dream. Today, however, LED light bulbs are falling in price and rising in viability as a lighting solution for both businesses and homes […]

Gift responsibly: Green Gift Monday

Give greener on Cyber Monday

Everyone knows that the day after Thanksgiving is “Black Friday”, in the United States. A slightly lesser-known fact is that the Monday after Thanksgiving is “Cyber Monday”, where holiday shoppers snag all the best deals via online shopping. This year, The Nature Conservancy wants to help you “give green[er]” this holiday season (yeah, I added […]

Hank & Bee: A Thanksgiving Underground Railroad

Save the turkeys!

More Thanksgiving-related info From NaturalPapa: Family Thankfulness Activities for Fall From EcoSnobberySucks: Hunting your own food: A liberal converts From EcoChildsPlay: How Can I Detox My Thanksgiving Diet? From Eat.Drink.Better: The Anatomy of a Genetically Modified Turkey [Infographic] …and in case you’re not familiar with the above-reference railroad (for shame): History of the Underground Railroad […]

Fast Thanksgiving recipe: Festive squash smoothie

Tasty squash smoothie

I enjoy having a nice creamy smoothie in the morning. It fills me up and only takes moments to prepare. They are great to have on the go or as a quick snack during the day as a pick me up. The holidays are just around the corner and nothing quite says Thanksgiving better than […]

How to winterize your garden…or not

How to winterize your garden

Every year I have illusions of grandeur for my garden. I pictured myself sitting at our farmer’s market behind display baskets overflowing with a bounty of tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs. In reality, I sold leftover handmade jewelry, some divided perennials and enough herbs to season one big kettle of soup. I selfishly hoarded what […]

Hank D and the Bee: Advice from Tim DeChristopher

Hank D and the Bee: Advice from Tim DeChristopher

For more on Tim’s reasoning behind voting Republican in 2012 read the Grist article linked below. It’s a scary thought. Like Hank, I still need to wrap my head around it… More on Tim DeChristopher–aka “Bidder 70″ From Grist: Letter from an imprisoned activist: Time to ‘play dirty’ for the climate’s sake Tim DeChristopher’s Peaceful […]

Doc’s All-Natural Chamois Cream [Review]

Doc's all-natural chamois cream

The last place you want to go rubbing a product full of nasty toxins is on your groin area…but that’s exactly what lots of cyclist do with chamois creams. Enter Doc’s Cycling Salves. We put Doc’s products through the ringer and they came out the other side with AMAZING reviews. Read on for the details.

AMAZING time lapse of the Earth from the ISS

earth iss time lapse

Our little blue orb suspended in the expanse of the cosmos is truly a unique – and beautiful – celestial entity. Check out this entrancing time lapse video of the Earth as shot from the International Space Station. The sequences of photographs were taken by Ron Garan, Satoshi Furukawa and the crew of expeditions 28 […]

A beautiful collection of fall photos

We asked our team and our readers for fun fall photos, and these are the awesome shots that came in! Whether it be beautiful foliage, homemade soups, or cyclorcross racing, autumn makes for some wonderful photos! Add yours to our gallery by liking us and submitting it on Facebook.

Tarra the elephant mourns the loss of her best friend, a dog named Bella

Bella the Dog and Tarra the Elephant

The Tennessee elephant sanctuary became famous a few years ago when news arose of a touching, and most unlikely, relationship that should not have come to be. But it did. It was the best friendship of Bella the dog and Tarra the elephant. Unfortunately Tarra recently discovered Bella’s body, and as with any loss, she mourns her.