Awesome rescue dog learns to enjoy base jumping trips

Cajun the rescue base dogRescue dogs rock. And this particular rescue dog, Cajun, likes running around the desert rocks of the American southwest while her rescuers get their base jump on.

Cajun has learned to navigate a 30 minute hike from the top of the Tombstone in Moab, UT, down a trail that plenty of humans end up turned around on, and reunite with her base-jumping owners at the car.

Her reward? All the Clif bars she can eat…apparently.

I have 2 black lab mixes that I found on the side of the road a few years ago, and as the owner of a couple of rescue pooches, I think the connection (and what seems like genuine gratitude for saving them) is what makes rescues such great dogs…and what allowed Cajun to learn to navigate back to the car.

…well, that and the Clif bars.

Check out this super-cute video of her learning process over the last year and her first successful solo trip!

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