3 creative designs for DIY paper snowflakes

No matter how hard you try to stop the junk mail madness, it seems to fill up your mailbox nonetheless. Or at least it does in mine. A great way to reuse that crappy junk mail is to craft it into super-chic paper snowflakes to decorate your office, home, or intergalactic battle station.

Here are 3 clever designs to choose from…

The Original Junk Mail Snowflake

junk mail DIY snowflakes

I posted this paper snowflake design to our Eco-Snobbery Sucks Tumblr and it has gone pretty gang-busters, to say the least.

This snowflake may look ridiculously difficult to create, but appearances can be deceiving. Check out Michele Mademe’s instructions on yow to put that junk mail to good use.

Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

star wars paper snow flake

Just as I said in the intro, paper snowflakes can spruce up whatever intergalactic space station, forward rebel base, or jawa hole you may be stuck in for the holidays and winter months.

Head on over to Bit Rebels for more info, instructions, and even PDF diagrams for 9 different Star Wars snowflake designs.

Lacy Paper Snowflake

Lacy paper snowflake

I LOVE this design. It’s much different than your usual paper snowflake, but at the same time lends itself easily to individual uniqueness. Even though this snowflake looks incredibly complicated to create, it actually couldn’t be much simpler (but shhh, you don’t have to tell your friends that as they stand in awe of it).

You usually only need a pair of scissors to create a blizzard paper snowflakes, but this one is going to require an X-acto knife (or you could possibly get away with a super sharp box cutter).

How About Orange has the how-to and downloadable templates. Check it out!

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