Brooks Sports celebrates first Responsibility Report

Brooks Sports running responsibly Corporate Responsibility reportI totally love when a company pulls back the curtain shrouding their operations and lets their customers (and competitors) see exactly what they’re up to on an environmental and social level.

And that’s exactly what the folks at Brooks Sports have just done…for the first time ever.

In honor of their inaugural Corporate Responsibility report, they made 20 pair of custom Launches that they sent out to journalists that they’d worked with before.

…and I was one of the 20. Pair 3 of 20, to be exact. [w00t!]

Yes, the shoes pictured here are the actual custom shoes I received as a surprise from Brooks Sports late last week. The 20 pair of Launches were cobbled together from factory scraps and upcycled into this hideously  awesome shoe.

[And I mean that in the most wonderful way.]

Why publish a Sustainability Report?

I’ve previously talked about the eco-goodness that is the Green Silence and Cascadia running shoes from Brooks, but their new 84-page Corporate Responsibility report shows that they’re raising their own bar, voluntarily.

Brooks breaks down their corporate responsibility into both environmental and social segments.

The report I received is for the 2009/2010 fiscal year and it will serve as a baseline for the company’s future metrics, but the detail they into was staggering…and impressive.

And transparency like this will most definitely cement any company (now including Brooks Sports) in our list of Companies That Don’t Suck.

The highlights

The report fortunately has a “Top 10 CR (Corporate Responsibility) Highlights” page, and after reading through the report, I think that list really does hit the high points. Very quickly, they are:

  • A 5-year study of the Brooks BioMoGo midsole that degrades 50 times faster than standard EVA midsoles
  • The ridiculously eco-friendly Cascadia 6 (which you can read more about on the link above)
  • The CMP midsole which creates 50 percent less waste in its manufacturing process than traditional methods
  • Details on the Green Silence, which can again be seen in detail on the above link
  • Details on the overhaul of their packaging materials and waste reduction (which are substantial, without getting into detail)
  • A reduction in the use of hazardous substances and chemicals
  • A decrease in the average number of violations against the company code of conduct in factories
  • Updating their annual training conference in Asia to include labor code issues and environmental responsibility
  • Ramped up participation in Soles4Souls (they donated 175,000 items over the course of the year)
  • Launched Brooks For Her (BFH) collection, resulting in $37,000 donated to three different organizations dedicated to breast cancer research and support.

Kudos to the cool kids at Brooks Sports. Keep up the good work. Every step — be it big or small — truly does matter.

If you’d like to see some more pics of the custom, made-from-scraps shoes that Brooks sent me, check them out on this album at the Eco-Snobbery Sucks Facebook page. And hey, while you’re there, feel free to be awesome and “like” us.туры 2015 ценыкурсы москва валютwhat does a used car warranty coverиндексация сайтараскрутка и продвижение сайта бесплатноdmozмвидео онлайн кредитпросрочка кредитахоум кредит коломнароссийский кредит рейтингкерамическоеlenovo ноутбуки отзывыремонт паркетаукладку ламинатаtorque pro руссифицированный для андроидproslushka-telefonaцерьков возрождения в кирове - reusables for every part of your life
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