My personal, greener holiday wish list

Christmas giftI will admit something most people don’t during the gift-giving season. I like receiving. Childish, perhaps. Or, maybe we all have that subconscious urge to clap when we see pretty packages with our name on them.

Yet times have changed since I begged Santa for a Barbie Town House. I know where money comes from and understand its limits.

I have witnessed the rapid demise of one too many crappy plastic gadgets.

I have bagged up more packaging than I care to discuss. I prefer quality over quantity.

These are lessons I apply to my lifestyle year-round so the idea of green-gift giving appeals to me.

Here are a few items that would make this camper very happy:


Grow Great Grub: Organic Food from Small Spaces or The Urban Homestead. I was initially disappointed that we can’t move to larger and greener pastures next year. Now I am eager to convert my smallish yard into one, big gardening experiment. I prefer resources that read easy, not like a horticulture science journal. They need pretty pictures of realistic, affordable ideas. Have you read these two or have other suggestions?

Rosemary Gladstar’s Family Herbal or Herbal Recipes. My urban gardening vision sees a larger medicinal herb patch in its future. I need a quality guide to make homemade tonics, tinctures and skin products properly. Do you have any recommendations?   

A quality DIY natural household cleaning guide. This one?

James Swan’s In Defense of Hunting. A friend recommended this after my hunting article. The topic intrigues me enough to write more and this book looks like a great resource.

Yoga pants

I’m still sporting the used pair my friend handed down years ago. It ain’t pretty. New yoga pants means more yoga. More yoga means healthy, Zen mom. Seriously, get mom the yoga pants.

Cast iron tortilla press

Tortillas are a staple for us with New Mexican roots, but conventional tortillas come chock full o’ ingredients I can’t understand. Handmade tortillas taste like pure heaven but are a pain to roll out. If I don’t get this cast iron tortilla press, I will throw a Christmas fit. Then, I will continue to purchase Tortilla Land.

Gift certificates

I once thought gift certificates were too impersonal. Now I believe they are “green” gold. You save time, energy and gas AND get that kid-in-the-candy-store feeling cashing them in. They can support a hobby (beading, gardening) an appetite (grocery stores, co-ops memberships, specialty stores, restaurants) or a lifestyle (yoga sessions, community/co-op classes). Hint, hint.

My wish list appeals to my brain, body and bodhisattva. It may not be 100% eco-friendly. It’s definitely materialistic. But my wishes are financially realistic and will help me strive for a greener, more sustainable 2012.

How will you add some green to your holiday shopping this year?

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About Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson is a freelance writer with nearly 20 years of experience in community health education, non-profit program management and mental health counseling. Amy works on projects that promote greener, healthier living through pragmatic approaches. She is an avid fan of reality therapy, small town farmers markets and dishing out home cooking with unsolicited advice. You can also follow Amy’s adventures in realistic wellness.