Hump Day comic relief: Shit vegans say [Video]

Taking yourself too seriously is an indication of a closed mind. That said, I give you this very funny “Shit Vegans Say” video.

Whether you’re vegetarian or vegan for animal rights reasons, environmental reasons, health reasons, or even just because you hate vegetables and like to see them mutilated on your plate, take a step back from your paradigm and have a laugh.

I laugh at the cow farts that I am fostering through my meat eating ways all of the time.

[Thanks to my friend Starre Vartan, publisher of the very awesome Eco-Chick and Eco-Chick Escapes for tipping me off to this video via her facebook.]в мире животных львыhouses to rent in miamiчехол Maybachуход за посудой с керамическим покрытиемstock pair tradingmobile phone application development softwareбанки в перми кредитможно ли взять кредит студентувзять деньги в долг ростелекомкредиты до 100 000 рублейbancvacation rentals in hallandale beach floridabukovelpartyPrimetime finance complaintsformhackcifrolomцерковь духовного возрождения - reusables for every part of your life
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