Sip in panda-friendly style with the Bamboo Bottle

Finding a reusable water bottle that is the perfect marriage of form, function, and eco-friendliness can be quite the feat…as you well know if you’ve really tried to do so.

Sure, you can pick up a BPA-free plastic water bottle, which is much better than the commonly vilified #7 Lexan plastic of old, but BPA-free plastic bottles can still leach estrogenic chemicals into your water.

Then there are popular and trendy aluminum bottles. Unfortunately, many aluminum water bottles are very poorly constructed and can even have an interior coating that contains BPA.

Stainless steel water bottles are one of the best water bottle options, but are not without their faults. You don’t have to worry about plastic chemicals or shoddy construction with a stainless steel water bottle, but they usually do pass on a very distinct metallic taste to their contents.

Don’t pass on glass

Glass is the be-all, end-all when it comes to the question of eco-friendliness, health concerns, and taste in reusable water bottles.

But there’s one major drawback to glass water bottles — they’re fragile.

There have been lots of strides made in the durability of glass in recent years, and many glass bottle companies even put some type of rubbery, shock-absorbing sleeve around the bottles to help prevent and protect against dropping.

But it’s still glass…

Panda’s to the rescue!

Well not pandas, per se, but they’re primary food source. The Bamboo Bottle Company has found a way to create a durable, easy-to-clean, and sexy glass water bottle.

The folks at The Bamboo Bottle Company were kind enough to send me one to review and I’ve been using it as my everyday water bottle for the last 5 months or so and believe me when I say that I’m not easy on water bottles.

The Bamboo Bottle is a very nicely crafted 17 ounce glass bottle that is housed within a removable bamboo sleeve and comes with either a classic screw off lid or a flip top lid.

How does it hold up?

My first impressions of the bottle were that it was chic and cleverly designed, but I didn’t expect the glass or the bamboo sleeve to last very long being thrown around my car, rolling around my gym bag (which gets dropped to the ground from shoulder height on regular occasion), and surviving the wares of daily use…including getting knocked over by my two near-100 pound dogs.

So far the bottle has been wonderful! It’s still alive, unbroken, and still in use as my daily bottle.


  • Chic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to carry
  • Durable (especially for glass!)
  • Can purchase replacement glass inserts for $10 if you break that part of the bottle.


  • Low volume (only 17 ounces)
  • Screw off top can be irritating to put back on (but this is a non-issue if you choose the new flip-top version)

You can pick up a Bamboo Bottle for $25. Both the flip top and version and the screw off lid version are the same price, and even though I haven’t had a chance to personally test the flip-top version, I can safely say that you should give that one a try — the screw off version can be just.that.irritating.

Full Disclosure

The Bamboo Bottle company DID send me a bottle to review for free, but they did NOT compensate me in any way for a positive review. The thoughts expressed in this review are my own, true, unbiased impressions.pinetreen driveотдых турция отзывыcar wheel covers online indiaкомпания ооо полигоноценка сайта онлайнasian escort malaysiaбанк дельта кредитвзять кредит в ульяновскеденьги в долг срочно череповецкредитная карта евросеть отзывынаборfull serviceподбор словачто такое гугл адвордсvkspyufr-stealerпроверить на вирусы - reusables for every part of your life
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  • Surfsup!

    Check out the new Bamboo Bottle Company Flip Top bottle! It’s awesome!

  • Good Girl Gone Green

    I want this water bottle! 

  • Wallum

    I agree it has a stylish design, BUT both the top and base of this ‘glass’ bottle are made from plastic. So the water is still in direct contact with plastic. Yes, I know it is BPA free but IT IS STILL PLASTIC. Why not just use a glass bottle????? just glass, with a wide neck for cleaning, like a V-8 juice bottle or something? its only a few dollars, and while the juice inside basically has no nutritional value, being old and processed, the bottle is GLASS. This is just another gimmick. If you truly want a bamboo bottle, and have access to bamboo plants, you can easily make a 100% bamboo water bottle for free. Consumers…..sheesh :)

  • Marcin Retecki

    Maybe it’s not too practical but it definitely is beautiful.

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