The Adventures of “Recycle Kitty”

Millie McMaster looks like just an ordinary house cat, but few people know her secret — she’s really an eco-friendly kitty who is on a mission to rescue empty plastic bottles from garbage bins and relocate them to more earth- (and kitty-friendly) recycling bins.

In this video Millie McMaster transforms into Recycle Kitty who demonstrates what every human being on earth should already know: If a kitty cat can recycle, you could too!

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About Jeffrey Davis

Yo, I'm Jeffrey, founder of and editor in chief here at Eco-Snobbery Sucks. I live in Nashville, TN and am a writer, personal trainer, web designer, and wookie hugger. I hang out on Twitter some but you can find me more active on Facebook. Enjoy the site!

  • Shannon B.

    We recycle(and compost) in this house and I was glad when the city took up more varieties of plastics and other containers… but I don’t always recycle when out and I don’t push others to recycle.

    • Jeffrey Davis

      awesome shannon! keep up the awesome recycling action…as well as the lack of recycling snobbery that can easily be promoted. We’re all about doing what moves you, and we don’t fault anyone if that’s not recycling.