How much water are you wasting at home?

It’s easy to waste a lot of resources at home. Fortunately, most of that waste is just a result of not knowing you’re actually wasting that energy or water  and/or being unaware of how easy it can be to NOT waste those resources.

Last week I showed you 4 simple ways to vanquish energy vampires around your home, but this great infographic from is a great primer of how much water you may be wasting at home, and how much water — and money — you can save by taking one (or several) of a few simple steps.

Home Water Conservation Infographic

Figuring out how to waste less water and energy around the house may not be what gets you going, but if it is, how do you maximize your conservation efforts?men watches brandцены на квартиры в майамиuhr online verkaufenвидео что такое сексключевые слова для поисковиковпродвижение сайтакупить диван в кредиткредит и его формыхоум кредит клинкредит экспресс отзывыкупитьsingapore escortsпроверить место сайта в поисковикеbinary options bonus 200Узнатькнопкисайт - reusables for every part of your life
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