Tesla Motors unveils a SEXY electric crossover SUV

tesla model x with "falcon wing" doors openYou don’t have to drive something that looks like a cheap matchbox car to roll in electric style. Tesla Motors, aka, makers of all-things-sexy (at least when it comes to electric vehicles), unveiled their new Model X yesterday.

The Model X is being described as something between a sleek crossover SUV and a minivan, but truthfully, I don’t see anything minivan-esque about it.

Here’s the Tesla Motors Model X rundown, via CNET,

In demonstrations with journalists this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk stood up inside the car to show the ample available space, a feature that makes loading or entering and exiting easier. The Model X has three rows of seats and is able to hold seven adults and their luggage, something other SUVs makers cannot claim.

The electric powertrain is also behind another key feature of the Model X–its optional all-wheel drive system, built around one motor for the front wheels and another for the back.

The precision and instant power the motors provide, which can be adjusted thousands of times a second by the car’s computer, will make it a very functional all-wheel drive vehicle capable of driving anywhere, according to Tesla.

The falcon wing doors, meanwhile, don’t benefit from the Model X being electric, but they help make Tesla’s cars distinctive and appeal to luxury clientele.

The Tesla Motors Model X will go on sale later this year, and is expected to fall in the $55,000 – $75,000 price range. Kudos to Tesla Motors for creating electric vehicles that the average joe would actually want to drive.

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  • solargroupies

    Yes the average Joe would want to drive it but can’t afford to drive it! ;^)