Never leave home without a “zero-waste” goodie bag

Have you ever thought about the amount of trash you create? Five months ago, my husband and I pledged to attempt to create zero waste for one full year- Project Green Foot.

Crazy, right?

We don’t think so. We have one small garbage pale of trash which consist mostly of veggie/fruit stickers, receipts, plastic from Kombucha bottles, plastic banana wrap, and some random plastic wrap from tempeh and such.

You might be wondering how we have been able to create so little waste? The best thing I feel we have done to make things easier and reduce our waste especially outside of the home is being prepared. I believe most have good intentions and do purchase reusable items to use, but these items don’t do you any good at home when you are purchasing an impromptu coffee!

Five essentials for your “zero-waste” goodie bag

  • The trusty reusable water bottle, cup, or mug is so important to have handy when you need to quench your thirst with some water or are craving that latte!
  • Cloth napkins/towels, instead of using paper napkins/towels. Imagine all the trees you will save if you decline the paper napkin or towel?
  • I know it can be difficult to skip the straw — especially when you order a yummy shake — so why not invest in a glass or stainless steel straw that you can bring everywhere. And bonus, they are so pretty!
  • Everyone goes grocery shopping and I can only imagine how many plastic produce bags and plastic/paper grocery bags are used. How about using cloth produce bags/reusable shopping bags instead.
  • Most people might not realize the amount of food that is wasted at restaurants, so why not have a glass container available for your left overs to eat later or to put in your compost bin at home? You could even have one available if you decide to have take-out. In other words, skip the plastic container.
  • If you decide to hit up a fast food restaurant where they only provide disposable cutlery, why not have your own reusable cutlery on hand. This will divert lots and lots of plastic from landfills.

How to keep your “zero-waste” goodie bag on-hand

I have a cloth bag in my car with 2-4 glass containers, 2 cups, PeopleTowels (reusable napkins/towels), reusable cutlery, cloth produce bags, cloth shopping bags and Strawesome glass straws, which are awesome!

This is how I prepare the family for any stops we might make when we are out of the home. You can never be too prepared, right?

I believe we can all make a difference. I personally love knowing we are playing a role in decreasing our impact on the environment, however small it may be.

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About Stephanie Moram

Stephanie Moram is the Good Girl Gone Green. She is a tree hugger; she is almost vegan; she is trying her best to make a difference on this planet. To say Stephanie is passionate about “all things green” and simply calling her passion environmentalism is an understatement! She wants to be the voice of change that will help others make their positive contribution to the environment. You can find Stephanie making a difference at her site, Good Girl Gone Green, or on twitter at GGirlGGreen.