The Green Bowl: Would the Giants or Patriots win?

Which Super Bowl team is the greenest?Technically, the Super Bowl doesn’t count without the Packers. But I suppose there are some East Coast folk who might tune in.

So I entertain myself in the melting Frozen Tundra with my Green Bowl. Which team is the eco-friendliest?

Who plays in the greenest zone?

Most polls rank the “greenness” of states and major cities. Finding stats on Foxborough, MA and East Rutherford, NJ is a challenge.

Massachusetts was recently named  first in the nation for energy efficiency. Touchdown. For years, Boston has consistently makes top ten lists as an eco-friendly city.  The extra point is good.

The Giants actually play in New Jersey, not exactly green Mecca. But if I apply Boston’s sparkling environmental standards to Foxborough, located 25 miles away, then I must do the same for East Rutherford, only 11 miles from New York City. Besides, it’s the NEW YORK Giants.

And New York is green HOT right now! This comprehensive study listed it third in North America based on 31 qualitative and quantitative indicators across nine categories. Boston ranked 6th.

Touchdown AND a two-point conversion.

Which stadium is greener?

Giant’s MetLife Stadium teamed up with the EPA for the “largest carbon footprint reduction to date”. Projects include wetlands protection, water conservation and comprehensive recycling. Fans can access public transportation and community education.


Patriot’s Gillette Stadium gets an 80 yard punt return for a touchdown by collaborating with NRG to triple the amount of renewable solar power generated energy in their stadium. The project will be the “largest renewable power installations at a major sports venue in the United States”. If you love a good Power Point, check out Gillette Stadium’s green initiatives [.pdf].

…and the quarterbacks?

Considering he married a UN Environmental Ambassador, Tom Brady should win, right? Gisele Bundchen ensured their new 22,000 square foot mansion had all the eco-friendly amenities, including solar energy, rain harvesting systems, energy efficient appliances and sustainable building materials.

[Drag needle across record]

Excuse me? Did you say 22,000 square feet? Amended from the original plan because the couple didn’t think it was BIG enough?

Call me an eco-snob, but I expect more from the Best Green International Celebrity. I expect less. If environmental issues are a “passion”, she and her betrothed should be quite satisfied with 11,000 square feet, no?

An “eco-friendly” 22,000 square feet still creates a lot of energy TO conserve. Not to mention a huge amount of construction and habitat displacement.

Flag on the field. Fifteen yard penalty. And I eject Tom from the game to live in a tiny house for a year with Raven’s kicker, Billy Cundiff.

Now, Eli Manning might not receive the Global Environmental Citizen award. His charity goes to other causes. He DOES live in a humble 3,000 square foot condo that was an existing part of the Hudson Tea Building and recently remodeled it to include completely automated energy management systems.

And the winner is…

It seems the Giants win my “Green” Bowl. But I will call it a tie, no overtime to keep the peace with my good friends in New England territory. I sincerely give kudos to both teams for their efforts.

Thus, I declare the NFL the winner. As a for-profit with a diverse audience, they have made great strides promoting sustainable projects with teams, facilities and fans. Any big business waving that eco-rally towel deserves a shiny trophy in my make-believe game.

Want more green Super Bowl shenanigans? Huddle up with Green Lifestyle Consulting Green Game Plan, for some great links to green news and ideas for the big game.

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About Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson is a freelance writer with nearly 20 years of experience in community health education, non-profit program management and mental health counseling. Amy works on projects that promote greener, healthier living through pragmatic approaches. She is an avid fan of reality therapy, small town farmers markets and dishing out home cooking with unsolicited advice. You can also follow Amy’s adventures in realistic wellness.

  • Shiri

    WHAT??? Oh no you di-int just give it to the enemy. We dont need a “charity” tie. I DEMAND A RECOUNT!
    I think some consideration should be given to the fact that we’re the NEW ENGLAND Patriots, i.e. 6 states. That alone is more eco-friendly than 3 football teams and stadiums in 1 (Jets, Giants, Buffalo). And what about those 6 states? I’m not the eco-expert but i’d feel safe in saying that all the eco-concientious-ness (is that a word?) in Mass., Conn., Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine far outweight 1 state’s efforts.
    So lets take another look, shall we? Hmmmm

    • Anonymous

      No hatin’!! Have I told you lately that I love you?!?!

      Ok…you do make a VERY good point about the Pats representing a larger, eco-friendlier area. Your home state of Vermont is first on the list and NY has just recently emerged as a frontrunner. But I wanted to narrow it down to the more immediate area where the team practices/plays, and consider editing/writing time. You are right, historically, the entire NE area itself should earn extra points. Touchdown awarded. 

      Technically, I gave Gillette Stadium a touchdown for it’s PLAN that has not yet implemented, which I felt was generous, no? Cuz I like the solar energy plan. MetLife Stadium seems to have more green initiatives already up and running.

      What really turned me off was Brady’s palace. They absolutely have every right to spend their money as they please, but I was very surprised at how absolutely excessive it was, considering his wife’s “passion” for and involvement in environmental causes.  It doesn’t add up.

      But know this my friend. On Sunday, I will be eatin’ my wings and rooting for the Pats because they represent youse guys. And…the Giants downed my Packers. :(  

  • Shiri

    Better…much better.  I know you’ll be dawning a PAT’s head, thank you.  That said, I leave you with one last consideration.  20,000 square feet is ridiculously ridiculous.  No question.  Yet, my man Tommy has SOO many eyes on him all the time.  Has anyone taken a look at housing choices of other football players?  Sure, they may not be building a Gi-normous estate, but what are the eco-habits of Eli, Brandon, Victor, etc. 

    • Anonymous

      I hear ya. But to stay true to this week’s Superbowl theme, I focused on the eco-habits of the two guys heading to the field this Sunday. Which meant, (fortunately for Pats fans), Tom Brady had to enter my unscientific probe.  

      But that gives me a great idea for an article to kick of next year’s football season. So far Ovie Mughelli/Atlanta Falcons fullback stands out as “greenest” player.