Hank D and the Bee: Drink Your Pee, and Go Cubs!

More on some of these great concepts

From Cleantechnica: Microalgae Lamp Absorbs 150-200 Times More CO2 than a Tree!
From PlanetSave: Drink Your Pee!: The Future of Water Filtration
From Treehugger: “Eco-Friendly” Mobile Phone Runs on Coke
From MNN: 12 cool urban bicycles ready to replace your car

Follow the rest of the Hank D and the Bee series at JoeMohrToons.com. For cartoon updates and other green goings-on, follow Joe on Twitter @GreenCartoons.
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About Joe Mohr

Joe Mohr (aka "Mean Joe Green") is a painter, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, beekeeper, father and hubby who enjoys travelling, biking, walking and hiking. Joe’s environmental articles and cartoons can be found on EcoSnobberySucks, Elephant Journal, Wend Magazine's website, Natural Papa, Eco Child's Play, Twilight Earth, Important Media, Ecopolitology, PlanetSave, Cleantechnica, and a few others. He also does an environmental kids cartoon series called “Hank D and the Bee”on NaturalPapa and EcoChildsPlay.

The sum of Joe’s work can be found on his cartooning website.