The iBamboo iPhone speaker gets a plastic playmate

iBamboo urban plasticThere are all kinds of iPhone and iPod speaker systems, but last year we talked about one revolutionary — yet incredibly simple — iPhone 4/4S speaker.

The iBamboo.

The iBamboo uses a simple one-foot long piece of precision cut bamboo to project the sound from your iPhone 4/4S in two directions, amplifying the stereo sound AND tone…all without the need for any additional electricity.

But some iBamboo customers apparently expressed concern about traveling with their iBamboo iPhone speakers.

Enter the iBamboo Urban.

Anatoliy Omelchenko, founder of Triangle Tree (makers of the iBamboo iPhone speakers) says,

“A plastic iBamboo would serve a different niche. First of all it would be an active effort to remove plastic, which takes thousands of years to degrade, from our environment. Second, a plastic iBamboo would be more fitting for people that would like to enjoy their music in more extreme conditions, as a plastic version would be more durable, and less prone to damage or defect. It would still have the trademark electricity-free design, available in both clear transparent and solid color.”

What do you think about the iBamboo Urban iPhone 4/4S speaker? Is the bamboo in the original iBamboo speaker really too fragile to travel with?

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