Is Earth Day really still a big deal? [POLL]

happy earth day

Did you know it’s Earth week (and also Earth Month) — not to mention that this Sunday, April 22nd, is Earth Day.

But here’s my question: Is Earth Day, Earth Week, and Earth Month a big deal to you? Over the past few years they’ve decreased in importance to me. Hell, I even completely forgot about Earth Hour last month.

The origins of the Earth Day movement were pretty specific (and also closely-related to anti-Vietnam war protesting), but is it a tradition/celebration that needs to happen on one day a year, every year?

I asked some of our awesome Eco-Snobbery Sucks Facebook fans this question, and gave them three answers to choose from. I ask you the same question with the same answers to choose from here.

Weigh in with your answer here (and also on the Facebook question as well) and feel free to explain why you picked your answer in the comments.

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  • AEJohnson

    I integrate Earth-friendly practices into our everyday living. That said, Earth Day is the only day where my son and I pull on the gloves and pick up other people’s trash in our neighborhood.