Old bicycle tires get more mileage as upcycled belts

Upcycled bike tire beltsThere is no shortage of things you can make out of old bicycle tubes.

Seriously, off the top of my head I can think of high-end messenger bags, a Queen Anne wallet for her, bi-fold wallet for him, and a very chic laptop sleeve.

And that list goes on and on…

Though the inner tubes are being reused in so many clever ways, there are not a lot of creative things being done with the old bike tires themselves.

Enter Bicycle Belts.

Bicycle Belts are the brainchild of Tom Hellmann, a firefighter and avid cyclist in Tallahassee, FL.

Urban Velo has a pretty good description of Bicycle Belts,

The belts are made from a variety of tires—road, cross, commuter, mountain—and come in widths ranging from 1 to 1.5″. He makes all of his belts “one size fits all” at 50″ in length with holes punched punched for 31″ to 36″ waists. Customers can trim the belt down to size and punch additional holes as needed.

Tom typically uses the printed portion of the sidewall (aka the hot patch) for the loop, which is a nice finishing touch. The tire bead gives the loop additional rigidity which makes it easy to get the belt on and off.

You can buy one of the pre-made Bicycle Belts (or have one custom made) for $25 with free shipping or snag one of their new bike tube key “chains” (you’ll get the quotation marks when you see the “chains”) for $8 or $10, respectively.

Head on over to Bicycle Belts’ site or like them on Facebook (where you can see LOTS of their great product images).квартиры в америке купитьвидеокамеры видеонаблюденияsummit kilimanjaroФотобумага Polaroid Zink Paper для камер Polaroidbanc de binary iphone appраскрутка сайтов в украине100 одобрение кредитаполучить кредитную карту кукуруза онлайнкредит наличными в санкт петербургекредит молодая семья условия сбербанкistanbul girls escortчастный мастер укладка ламинатавидео укладка ламината24option websiteMEGANAKRUTKAбесплатноцерковь возрождение

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