The BEST tool for keeping your reusable bottle clean

reusable water bottle brush

Reusable water bottles rock. They make sense environmentally and monetarily. Using a reusable water bottle that is BPA-free, stainless steel, or glass makes it easy to fill up and hydrate in health- and eco-friendly fashion no matter where you find yourself.

Unfortunately, keeping those reusable water bottles clean is not as easy as it may seem.

Many popular “natural” water bottle cleaning techniques can still leave a nasty film on the inside of your bottle. The majority of water bottle brushes have such stiff bristles that they can scratch the inside of your bottle, creating tiny havens for bacteria to thrive.

Enter the Good Grips Bottle Brush from OXO.

Here’s a simple, $7 water-bottle-specific cleaning brush that has a 4.5 star rating and 172 reviews on Amazon. Yeah, 172 reviews — on a water bottle brush.

If you didn’t know anything else, that’s saying something right there.

How does the Good Grips Bottle Brush keep your water bottle clean (and safe for drinking out of)?

It packs the perfect combination of features needed to clean your water bottles,

  • Tackles multiple tasks with two types of bristles
  • Flexible neck makes getting into hard spots easy
  • Rounded head is perfect fit for bottles and narrow jars
  • Nonslip handle, wet or dry
  • Perfect for gentle cleaning or vigorous scrubbing

The Amazon product description says,

Bottles are notoriously difficult to clean; not only are they usually nearly impossible to get a brush into them, but they have hard to reach corners near the base as well. Now, thanks to OXO, your problems are solved with this Good Grips bottle brush. Using a thin and flexible neck, the brush can be inserted deep into a bottle and manipulated to scrub the farthest of corners. The bristles are soft enough to be used on non-stick surfaces, and gentle enough to clean delicates such as baby bottles, vases, carafes, pitchers, and more. When not in use, simply hang the brush up on a peg, if desired, using the handle’s eyelet.

My own experience with the Good Grips Bottle Brush

This brush keeps my glass Bamboo Bottle, 2 BPA-free Nalgene bottles, and countless bike water bottles clean and tasting fresh. One of my bike water bottles has a special lining on the inside that eliminates the plastic taste, and that bottle cannot be scrubbed with a hard-bristled brush.

The bristles on the Good Grips Bottle Brush are firm enough to get the hard to reach spots clean, but not damage the lining.

I’ve tried lots of dish washing, water-bottle-specific, and “natural” methods for cleaning my water bottles, and this little tool has been worth every penny of the $7 it cost me.

If you’re a reusable water bottle user, pick one up at Amazon. Which water bottles do you use and how do you currently clean them?

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