New Solar Power For Your Home book makes home solar projects easier

Solar power for your homeAlthough solar power still has the smallest market share among all energy providers in the United States — smaller even than biomass and geothermal — adaption of the technology has recently been rising by over 25% annually.

According to Bloomberg Magazine, Google is taking up wind-power purchases to reduce their total emissions, even as it devotes most of its renewable energy investments to solar.

This green hedging of energy-related projects is the “trade-off aimed at reining in costs as the company seeks higher returns.”

Even as an underrated technology,  solar thermal is an amazing source of power with a quicker payback than photovoltaic (or PV, which is the normal solar panels that everyone is used to seeing by now).

“Solar thermal utilizes the sun’s energy to create heat, so the operating price remains steady over time compared to conventional heat sources,” said Nigel Cotton, Solar Water Heating Global Leader of the International Copper Association (ICA) and founder of, a web portal for solar thermal professionals.

My new book about solar energy, Solar Power For Your Home, is aimed at helping you harness solar thermal (and solar photovoltaic) energy around your home.

Solar Power For Your Home even gives you step-by-step instruction manuals, as well as useful photos and illustrations to make these solar energy projects work for you.

I don’t know about you, but I always need pictures when doing something like putting solar panels on my roof.

This hands-on guide is filled with solar energy and other green living solutions you can put to use right away.

That is why Solar Power for Your Home shows you how to set up a variety of simple, money-saving solar projects quickly and easily, such as a solar water heater, a solar pool pump, solar lighting, a solar oven and the ever more popular solar-powered lawn mower!

This book is the newest to the Green Guru Guides to help you with green living.

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