How to extend your wardrobe through pregnancy pounds

Lounging in normal clothes with a Belly Band

While having a baby is a beautiful, natural experience, many women’s pregnancies are bogged down by insurmountable research and endless options.

As if hormones weren’t enough, mommies-to-be are bombarded with a barrage of new demands for accommodating their newbie human. Some may begin to wonder if having a baby is an economic event rather than an act of nature.

As an expectant mom who prefers simplicity, I’m quick to raise my eyebrow at the immense selection at hand. I wonder, is this 3-in-one gizmo going to make life easier, or merely take up space in my already-cluttered world? How did the women of yesteryear make due?

And really, must I buy a new wardrobe to flatter my bulging bump when all I want to do is curl up in sweats?!

Practical versatility quickly becomes the name of the game

Instead of sweating and swelling under the pressure of purchasing, I found simple solutions that allow me to use what I have. Take a look at a few eco-friendly options that help cover and contain the 30-or-so-odd pounds we pack on in 9 months (without adding grossly to your carbon footprint!):

  1. Sewing in elastic to your favorite jeans
  2. Using a hair band to expand top-button capacity
  3. Making a one-time investment in a belly band

While the third trimester usually takes #2 out of the running and elastic waistband jeans leave you with unsightly plummer’s crack after a few wears, the belly band is a godsend.

Belly Band allows for normal activities and even a bit of action

This stretchy and supportive tubular band keeps your usual pants up without the aid of buttons or zippers. How does it work?

  • simply leave your button and/or zipper open
  • fold the edges inward
  • snug the belly band over the top of your pants.

Not only does it provide a camisole for any shirts that may ride up, but it hugs and supports your growing belly, too! Score!

Introduced by Ingrid&Isabel and now offered by several outfitters, you can keep your style rockin’ till that kid comes a-knockin! At 32 weeks, I’m still a fan.

In addition to keeping my pants up, I use them for athletic support when I work out and plan to wear them after birth to suck-n-tuck postpartum flubber. What could be more versatile?

Belly Band doesn't show crack while stopping to smell the roses

There’s no need to clog a hormone-ridden brain with more BS about what you HAVE TO HAVE to survive pregnancy. Give a second thought to your existing wardrobe. What other simple, sustainable solutions have you come across  to extend your threads?

Belly bands can be found at these preggers-friendly outfitters:

  • BeBand ($16.99 BeMaternity by Ingrid&Isabel for Target)
  • BellaBand ($13-30 at Ingrid&Isabel boutique, organic option offered)
  • Belly bands ($16.99 Baby Be Mine)

About the guest poster:
When not so plump with child, Chelsie Guillemet fashions her life around martial arts training and teaching, songwriting, and outdoor pursuits like hiking and biking. She enjoys spending oodles of time with her sensei-hubby, reveling in the mysterious simplicity of creative intelligence, movement, and nature.

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