Wind-proof DIY patio umbrella stand doubles as planter

DIY patio umbrella planterYou have a patio. You have a patio table. You have a patio umbrella.

Correction, you had a patio umbrella — the wind just blew it away.

This great DIY idea shows you how to turn a decorative planter into a patio umbrella stand that will seemingly withstand all but hurricane force winds. And bonus, you can actually still use the planter for plants!

Sunset Magazine says,

“The umbrella rises from a sleeve centered in a flowerpot that’s filled with three layers of material: a bottom layer of lava rock to hold the sleeve in place, a center layer of concrete for extra rigidity, and a top layer of planting mix. When there’s no need for shade, just lift out the umbrella — the plants should mask the sleeve.”

The project will likely set you back $100-$200 (depending on whether you have to buy an umbrella and/or pot) and should be easy enough for even the most novice of DIYers to handle.

Check out Sunset Magazine for the complete instructions on how to set up this patio umbrella planter.

What do you think about this bit of outdoor living DIY sweetness?

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