How to use an old computer to stream media and files

free NAS computer streamingIt’s a great day. You’ve just upgraded to a shiny new desktop or laptop computer.

It’s an entirely new world as you blaze across the internet, viewing crazy cat videos at speeds you’ve only dared to dream of.

But wait, now you have this not too terribly slow computer, with a huge hard drive full of files, pictures, and videos just sitting in the corner collecting dust.

You don’t want to trash it. You don’t want to give it away. But it isn’t worth enough to bother going through the hassle of Craigslisting it.

Isn’t there something you could do with that aging — but otherwise perfectly fine — computer that is now suffering from abandonment issues?


Of course, you could ecycle it and divert the dangerous materials from which it was constructed from a landfill, by one step further is using it for a purpose that you actually already wish you had!

A simple download of a free NAS — which stands for Network Attached Storage — software called NAS4Free (formerly FreeNAS) will turn your old computer into an automatic backup dump, file sharing server, torrent slave, or a source for streaming movies and other media to devices on your home network.

Sound complicated? It’s not. Even an entry level geek — and maybe even an apprentice geek — could tackle the project with ease.

Check out Lifehacker for the full installation and configuration instructions.

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