Does this bottle help track your impact or rub it in?

999 Bottle with counterReuseable water bottles are great.

By now it would seem that just about everyone knows how much waste that disposable plastic water bottles are responsible for.

But here’s the question: Does a water bottle (with companion iPhone app) rocking a counter that displays how many times you’ve refilled it actually make your environmental impact more tangible or does it just rub everyone’s nose in your eco-snobbery?

This bottle, the 999Bottle was a Kickstarter project that did not reach its — get this — $99,999 goal in June.

The Kickstarter project page says,

An accompanying iPhone app tells you what the numbers mean, giving context to your conservation through insightful visuals that graphically depict and share the impact of your efforts. The app also allows you to join forces with your friends and track your combined impact. Have fun unlocking factoids like:

  • You’ve saved 117 bottles!  That’s equivalent to the amount of oil KITT needs to turbo boost 50 yards with the Hoff and a damsel in distress on board.
  • You’ve saved 1,063 bottles! That’s equivalent to the height of the Eiffel Tower.  Oui, oui!

999Bottle iPhone app

I think the built-in counter and the iPhone app that would have made those nebulous numbers a lot more tangible, but one writer at DVICE thought this it was just eco-snobbery in action. And after hearing his argument, I can see how someone would think that too. He says,

Sorry if I sound cynical about this, but to me this is kind of like wearing a Toyota Prius necktie to formal events. Sure, be as green as you want, but I don’t think you need to rub everyone’s nose in it. I suppose if it helps to keep you motivated that’s a good thing, but how committed are you if you need constant reassurance?

Where do you come down on the question? Would a bottle like this help make the large-scale results of the simple act of using a reusable water bottle more meaningful or is it just eco-snobbery in action?

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  • Debbie Davis

    I think you could be called an eco-snob by some for using it. But I see two points on the plus side. First, it could keep you motivated if you’re only taking what you consider ‘small steps’ (yep, that would be me) and wonder whether or not you are making any real impact. Secondly, it could be a great conversation starter and potentially be the catalyst to getting more people to take those same small steps.

  • Nate

    It just seems to me like a waste of money. Maybe I’m not the best example because I tend to loose things a lot. Although, as I write this, I find myself wondering how many bottles of water I drink. Is there a way to get the stats without sharing them with the world? Then it’s motivational and informative without bragging!

  • Ohnotesters

    It may also be a good way to get kids to understand the impact something as simple as reusing a water bottle can have.

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