Epic bicycle wheel light sports 32 LEDs & 42 themes

monkeylectric m232 monkey lightWhen it comes to cycling, seeing the road ahead is important — but being seen by motorists is even more important.

If you had a sweet wheel mounted lighting system that consisted of 32 LED’s, took up about 3/4 of the space from your rims to your hubs, and combined 42 themes with hundreds of color combinations — resulting in thousands of graphics — you wouldn’t just be seen by motorists, you’d be envied.

That’s exactly what the MonkeyLectric M232 Monkey Light is. And bonus, we’ve got a 20% off coupon code for ya if such a light tickles your fancy.

More about the M232 Monkey Light

This light is the big brother to our previously tested and reviewed 8-bit graphic version, the M210 Monkey Light. The new M232 features,

  • 32 ultra-bright, full color LEDs
  • Full color graphics
  • Waterproof
  • Durable (and proprietary) solid rubber construction
  • 48 themes with hundreds of color combinations
  • Wide angle visibility
  • Stainless steel anti-theft strap
  • Hub mounted battery keeps wheel balanced and allows for safe usage up to 40mph
  • MonkeyFX create animated light art
  • Weight: 65g for lights; 68g for battery holder + the weight of your batteries.

The M232 is also manufactured here in the USA. Epic.

How the M232 Monkey Light held up to our testing

Some of our crew here at Eco-Snobbery Sucks ran this light through some pretty damn tough conditions. High speed night rides, down some flights of steps, commuting in the rain, and even pounding them through a high profile criterium race.

The result? Cheers from our riders and jaw-dropping stares from onlookers.

The light is easy to install (taking about 3-5 minutes per wheel), doesn’t budge once securely strapped down, and the 3 brightness levels allow you to maximize battery run time.

The only complaint we had about the lights is there was a slight bit of an unbalanced pulse when racing at high speeds and mounted on Zipp Firecrest 303′s — but that is most definitely not the aim (or normal usage) of this light.

Though not a complaint, it is important to note that many of the picture graphics (hearts, skull and crossbones, etc) tended to be speed dependent. Going less than 10mph or more than about 17mph stretches the graphics to a scale that is still identifiable, not that biggest “wow” you could achieve with optimal speeds.

The geometric pattern graphics do not suffer from speed dependency for ideal viewing.

So what about the cost and that coupon code?

The best way to purchase the very awesome M232 Monkey Light in the U.S. is through Amazon. It is Prime eligible and will set you back $74.99 (per light — you’ll need two if you want front and rear wheel lights).

If you prefer to save some pennies (or rotational weight), the aforementioned M210′s are also Amazon prime eligible and will set you back $49.99 per light.

But if you check out at Amazon with the coupon code MONKEYGO, you’ll receive 20% off of the new M232. That makes it $59.99 — just $10 more than the smaller M210 — kind of a no-brainer eh?

Outside of the U.S., you can buy the M210 or M232 at the MonkeyLectric store and use the same coupon code.

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