Old warehouse becomes green living community in UK

The Greenhouse community in Leeds, UKLeeds, United Kingdom is a vibrant city with much to offer the young professional.

But it is easy to imagine that the green living trend can easily be remiss in such a bustling place.

Make no mistake, however, because sustainable living developments are beginning to spring up.

The Greenhouse in Leeds is one such recent property.

The Community

It is built from an old warehouse through a low carbon project and, being a great believer in protecting the environment, I was keenly interested in renting a flat there.

In previous years this derelict building has been left to rot, yet after a large investment the building has one again become an energetic and animated place to live and work.

Surrounding the Greenhouse are still a selection of derelict buildings making the area feel like an up and coming project, but events are held by the Greenhouse that will aim to connect the people in the area and hopefully create an active and connected community.

The Design

Interiors are modern, spacious, and even futuristic in its enterprise. This is an attractively built space with vast appeal. Sustainability is at the heart of its design.

  • Bamboo is widely used throughout the property
  • The water supply comes from a natural source, the rain!
  • Energy use and water consumption can be monitored right from your TV
  • Concealed water cistern captures grey water for reuse, as well as a rainwater harvesting system
  • and much more

There are events rooms, small businesses, and even a deli in the building. With access to a free gym, you can stay fit, as well as save more money, and allotments in the courtyard allow you to even harvest your own lunch.

On the heels of the Greenhouse’ success, more green projects are being developed around the area. Social awareness will hopefully continue to develop further, meaning that instead of being a hidden hive of activity that people will become far more aware of more sustainable living.

I’m curious to know other peoples thoughts on the matter and if they think this is a good idea and hear whether they would consider moving there or even if they already do.

About this guest author: Jonathan Dempster hopes this project shows how a real estate development like the Greenhouse can help create a sustainable future. His company, Agent Find may help connect you with real estate listings in environmentally friendly developments and buildings in your area.

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