Green your holidays with an ugly Christmas sweater

Rock Your Ugly Christmas SweaterWith the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably thinking of how you can go a bit greener this Christmas.

Enter the ugly Christmas sweater.

You heard me. An ugly Christmas sweater is a great way to add some eco-friendliness, humor, and faux-style to your holidays. If you find yourself in need of inspiration for an ugly Christmas sweater, look no further than the new book, Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater.

My friend Brian Clark Howard, an editor and producer for National Geographic’s website, is the co-author of this quirky and hilarious book.

I asked him why such an esteemed and award-winning environmental journalist would write such a book, and he said,

“One of the great things about ugly Christmas sweaters is that they are inherently green. They can involve all 3 Rs: reduce (wear old sweaters instead of buying new stuff), reuse (wear them year after year), and recycle (many are upcycled from old generic sweaters). Ugly Christmas sweaters are green without any extra effort. They are truly transgenerational, and bring families and friends together for holiday cheer. “

So if figuring out whether a fake or real Christmas tree is more eco-friendly, deciding on healthy holiday recipes, or unearthing recycled Christmas gifts from the depths of the interwebs is a bit too daunting a task, simply pick up a copy of Rock Your Ugly Christmas Sweater and get greener and chic-geek at the same time.

For more ugly Christmas sweater ideas, check out My Ugly Christmas Sweater. If you already have (or decide to create) an ugly Christmas sweater, please share a picture of yourself rocking it out in the comments (did you know you can easily upload pics to your comments on our posts?) and/or on our Facebook page.

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  • Brian Clark Howard

    Thanks so much for the awesome post Jeffrey!

  • a. harris

    Hi Jeffrey. First, congratulations on starting this much needed site. I am a little old lady living in Shrewsbury, UK and I can tell you that eco-snobbery here has reached epidemic proportions, to the extent that this morning I decided to search the web for info about this affliction and came across your site. I am so fed up with friends and relations subjecting me to what I describe as eco-interrogations. I wouldn’t mind if I thought that they really cared about the environment, but I sense that their real motives are purely what I call “eco-oneupmanship”, ie: Who’s the greenest – me or you? Give me a break! I have nicknamed one woman of my acquaintance the Hyacinth Bouquet of the Greens (British people will get this). I know the Brits are famous for their class snobbery, but this Green thing has gotten out of control. My theory is that as it is now a complete NoNo to be a class snob, the new generation, being in need of SOMETHING to feel superior about, has unfortunately picked on Greeness as a means to fulfil this need. I am fed up to the back teeth with it all. It makes me want to grab a raw steak and chew on it with blood running down my chin while looking into their PC eyes! OK, enough! I’ve had my much needed rant and thanks for that, as I am guessing you may understand what I’m talking about. I like the ugly Christmas sweater idea, by the way – will be sending that to Hyacinth without delay.