Logitech wireless solar keyboard review

logitech solar keyboardEvery now and then you come across a product that makes you want to kick back in your chair and say, “finally!”.

The Logitech wireless solar keyboard (with both Mac and PC versions) is just such a device.

What makes this keyboard so perfect?

  • Solar power means no battery woes. Never worry about your wireless keyboard running out of juice again
  • Charge the keyboard with any light source — desk lamp, office light, or sunlight
  • Quiet! The concave key cap design is super fast and super quiet — no more “tick tick tick” to drive you insane as you type
  • Utilizes the tiny Logitech unifying receiver so you can pair this keyboard and any Logitech compatible mouse to your computer via the barely noticeable Unifying USB receiver
  • At only 1/3” thick, this keyboard adds style and sleekness to your workspace
  • For Macs: Enjoy all of the familiar buttons and their standard layout

My personal use thoughts

Logitech sent me this keyboard to test and review at the beginning of this year and after nearly 12 months of use, I can say that I absolutely love it. Period.

Seriously, it saves energy, reduces battery waste, adds style to my desk, and is comfortable for my giant hands to type on.

I replaced an older, but still awesome, Logitech Wave wireless keyboard with this keyboard and I haven’t missed the Wave at all. Despite the lack of obvious ergonomic design (like the Wave), my hands and chronically injured wrists haven’t missed the much bulkier Wave for one second.

Not to mention the fact that all of the Wave’s features weren’t compatible with Macs.

The keyboard has a small desktop app available which basically just shows the charge level, but unless you’ve been in pitch black for 3 months (literally, 3 months), the charge level is going to be good — so you won’t need the app.

If you want to add some style, energy efficiency, and typing bliss to your workspace, pick up the Mac or PC version of the Logitech wireless solar keyboard for about $60.

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