The best eco-friendlier holiday gifts for 2012

Sometimes buying Christmas presents just sucks. The stress of the holidays and finding that perfect gift can often wear on your very last nerve.

No worries, we’ve got a list almost 20 different items that are sure to dazzle nearly anyone on your Christmas shopping list.

For the tech geeks

logitech solar keyboardThe Logitech solar wireless keyboard is a great choice. Whether the computer nerd on your list be a PC or a Mac user, this keyboard will work (since it comes in versions for both). It feels great, charges by desk lamp, light, or any other light source, and is a no-brainer gadget that every computer guru will most definitely appreciate!

This solar keyboard is available on Amazon for around $60 (PC or Mac).

For the techy DIYer on your list, check out the LED light mine. It will shed ample light on any project for 1,000′s of hours

The LED light mine is available on Amazon for about $18.

For the fashionista

square water bottleAlchemy Goods does amazing things with old, worn out, and/or punctured bicycle tire tubes. They turn them into messenger bags, wallets, and all sorts of other urban chic accessories. Whether it be a simple wallet, messenger bag, purse, or belt, Alchemy Goods makes many different types of items for the eco-fashionista on your Christmas list.

Alchemy Goods products range from about $10 to $200 on Amazon.

Speaking of belts from upcycled bicycle tire tubes, check out these belts from Bicycle Belts. They’re not made from upcycled bicycle tire tubes, but from old bicycle tires themselves. I really like how they incorporate the tire label on the belt loop strap too.

Bicycle Belts are pre-made or custom made for about $25.

The Square bottle from Clean Bottle should definitely be on your fashion-forward holiday shopping list. It may seem simple, but is truly an innovation in reusable water bottle design and is not only aimed to overcome some standard water bottle design annoyances, but is purposefully targeted at fashion- and quality-conscious hydraters.

The Square Bottle is available for about $45 via the Clean Bottle store.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Swiftwick Sustain recycled socks and Geigerrig 1600 day packEvery athlete and outdoors person knows that the most important part of your gear is what’s on your feet. That’s why Swiftwick makes the best performance and compression socks in the world — and their entire operation is based in Tennessee (production and headquarters).

They recently debuted the world’s first recycled nylon performance sock and anyone in this category on your Christmas list will go crazy over these recycled socks bearing the familiar logo.

Switfwick’s SUSTAIN socks start at $11.99 on their website.

A quality backpack with plenty of storage and large capacity bladder system is another must for any outdoors enthusiast. The new Rig 1600 from Geirgerrig is about the best pack you could choose.

This pack’s BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free, triclosan-free and patented pressurized bladder system lets you spray clean water from the tube, not suck it out. Spray to drink, spray to cool, spray to clean, spray to share, spray for any other reason you might want.

The Geigerrig Rig 1600 is available for $145 from Gander Mountain.

For the music lover

meelectronics r1 wood earbuds for bassEither of the two wooden earbuds from Meelectronics will light up the face of any audiophile on your Christmas list. The warm and clear tones as well as the chic look of the wood make these pretty much the best in-ear headphones in their price point (and really, at higher price points too).

These wooden earbuds are available at Amazon for about $25.

Ditch the cords of the earbuds and give someone one of the most clever iPhone speakers ever created. The iBamboo. No cords, no batteries, just a hunk of laser cut bamboo to beautifully amplify the iPhone’s speaker. Also coming soon in a plastic version, the iBamboo Urban.

Buy the iBamboo iPhone speaker for $25 on their site.

For the cyclist

monkeylectric m232 monkey lightThe name of the game when it comes to cycling is visibility. Next to keeping the rubber side of the bike on the ground, being seen by motorists is pretty much the most important thing. The wheel-mounted LED lights from Monkey Lights will not not only keep you visible, but win you cool points too.

Pick up the 10 LED version for $49.99 or the 32 LED version for $74.99.

The last thing you want to have happen after you make sure you keep your bicycle on two wheels and successfully avoid a losing battle with a car is to have your bike get swiped. Kuat makes a very cool cable lock that fits in your water bottle cage, and actually looks like a water bottle itself. Handy.

(Bonus, it even comes in a sweet Rasta version!)

The Kuat Bottle Lock is available for $28 on Amazon.

It may seem a bit odd to give someone a cream that they will slather all over their nether regions, but a tub of high quality chamois cream, like Doc’s All Natural chamois cream, is worth its weight in gold to a cyclist.

Pick up Doc’s All Natural chamois cream on amazon for about $20.

DIY and stocking stuffer ideas

Recycled Wine Bottle CandleIf you’re still stuck on that a gift idea for someone, why not make them something? Check out some of these sweet DIY projects that would make for fun and unique gifts:

And as for some clever stocking stuffers, how about:

I hope this list helps you find a gift for those one or two people left on your list.

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