Turn a wine bottle into a hummingbird feeder

DIY wine bottle hummingbird feederWinter’s grip may be at full strength, but the gradual warmth of spring is just around the corner.

Go ahead and polish off a few bottles of booze to prepare your yard or balcony for your feathered friends that return with that warmth.

We’ve talked about all kinds of clever uses for empty wine bottles before, but turning one into a bird feeder is a worthy addition to that list.

The How-to instructions

It’s pretty simple really:

  1. Drink some wine
  2. Make a simple hummingbird feeder tube
  3. Decoratively twist some copper jewelry wire around the bottle
  4. Fill with hummingbird feed (1 part sugar to 4 parts boiled water)
  5. Hang upside down and replace feed weekly

That’s it. Pretty simple, eh?

Other wine bottle DIY ideas

The list goes on and on. Be sure to keep up with our wine bottle DIY ideas for more great projects.

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