How to make the most of second hand kids clothes

second hand kids clothesNo matter where you find them, second hand clothes all have their share of tell-tale signs that they’ve been worn and loved before.

Luckily, clothes aren’t only good for wearing, they’re so easy to upcycle too.

And by incorporating an eco-friendly ethos to fit your parenting, you’ll find that you save money and help the environment!

Here are a few little tricks to make your hand-me-downs look and feel like new!

Old Jumpers into New Hats!

This sweet and simple tutorial will show you how to effortlessly turn an old jumper into a new hat for your little boy or girl. It even features decorative touches that will ensure your little ones’ heads are kept cozy and cute!

Disguise Stains on White Baby-Grows

With fabric paint! Use a color of your choice to go over any unsightly stains with a polka dot pattern. This way, you can be as erratic as you like with the cover up and no one will notice. If you smear them or a few of the dots look slightly imperfect, no problem!

For Little Feet

Give shoes a new lease of life with a quick clean and some fabric paint, as tried and tested by this creative Mom! Just buff off the dust, and you and your child can even make a project of painting the pair together. It’s amazing what you can do with a little color.

Use Fabric Dyes

Tie-dye will never go out of fashion, and you can revive basic old clothes with a splash of vibrant color. If you prefer a natural approach, there are plenty of recipes online for creating your own dyes using flowers and spices.


Almost anything can be fixed with a quick patch job, but by getting creative with your shapes and placements you can craft a really eye-catching design on a garment that otherwise would look a bit old and shabby. Stains can be easily concealed this way, and the patching method is perfect for repairing knee-holes in jeans or leggings, or tears in dresses.

DIY Baby Blankets

Creating your own patchwork baby blanket from old garments is a simple and effective way to recycle those pieces that are just slightly too much hassle to save. You can choose choice pieces from each bit of clothing, even using old school badges and Brownie or cubs patches, and combine them to create something that you’ll be able to treasure.

Do you have any tips for upcycling old children’s clothes? Share by commenting below!

[Photo: Hestia/Flickr]

About this guest author: Louise Blake is a new mom who is constantly amazed by how quickly her little one grows out of his clothes! She writes for School Stickers.

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