5 apps for a healthy lawn and garden

GardeningA multitude of lawn and garden apps now exist to educate and assist homeowners in tending to the lawn or growing a garden.

Toss the gardening books this year and get the growing done with these horticultural apps.

Turfgrass Management

$19.99 a year for iPhone & Android

Developed by University of Georgia, Turfgrass Management is the ultimate database of weeds, insects and lawn diseases. The app includes information on turfgrass science pulled from myriad books.

Groundskeepers, homeowners and landscapers will find this diagnostic app invaluable for identifying and remediating any turfgrass issues — similar to what Sevenson Environmental Services do.

Users can effortlessly search through the immense pesticide database for product rates and pest control. Pre- and post-emergent herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators. All proceeds support turfgrass research at the University of Georgia.

Botany Buddy

$9.99 for iPhone

A botanist’s dream come true Botany Buddy is bursting with information from thousands of trees, shrubs and anything pertaining to plants. It includes more than 2,000 native and ornamental plant species and more than 9,500 full-color photographs of every anatomical plant parts.

Scroll the entire library from A to Z by common or botanical name. Even if, you’re unsure of the plant’s name, you can search for it by its flower color, height and width, leaves, seeds, forms and hardiness zones. Application and plant library updates are always free.

Pocket Garden

$0.99 for iPhone (Free with ad supported version)

For novice vegetable gardeners, Pocket Garden is the go-to guide for growing veggies from seeds. From A for artichoke to Z for zucchini, users can scroll through various seed types and learn how to grow them.Monitor your vegetables’ progress with the My Garden app and keep track of the expected harvest dates.

Flower Pedia

$4.99 for iPhone ($0.99 for Lite version)

An app for casual floral aficionados, Flower Pedia contains data on more than 830 genera from 140 flowering plant families. In total, that’s more than 150,000 flower species worldwide.

On any of the nearly 3,000 photos from Anemone to Zinnia, tap the “flower” button to summon information on the plant’s edibility, genus and family name, geographic distribution and related species.

If users stumble upon an unknown flower, Flower Pedia assists in its identification by using their physical idiosyncrasies, petals, stamens and leaf structure.

My Automower

Free for iPhone, $3.81 for Android

My Automower is an app designed to function solely with any of Husqvarna’s autonomous mowers with a GPS unit.

Like the lawn equivalent of a Roomba, the Automower automatically mows your lawn. Though, with this app, users can remotely deploy the mower using only your phone. Users can also send instructions, set timers, send to the charger and check its status.

The Automower’s GPS coordinates can also be displayed on Google Maps. For those without an Automower, this app is also able to measure the slope of your lawn and advise what model if any, is suitable for your unique lawn.

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