How to make a liquor bottle lamp for $10

DIY liquor bottle lampWant to add some upcycled style to your home bar?

How about reclaim the waste from your local pub to turn a personal profit?

Either way, this DIY liquor bottle lamp project is a simple and creative way to do both.

Suzi’s Crafts has some of the best DIY instructions I’ve ever seen for working with glass bottles safely and easily.

The main thing you need for any project that requires drilling a hole in a glass bottle is a diamond tip drill bit. You can buy one for $15 or $20 at your local home improvement store, or you can buy one on Amazon for about $5.

Check out the above link for the full instructions, but I particularly like this tidbit of information:

When your drilling glass you need to take the proper precautions. Eye protection and gloves are a MUST if the bottle should break. Its very rare  but it can happen. I’ve drilled close to 20 bottles now and I haven’t broke a bottle yet, so as long as your careful and let the drill bit do the work it can be done pretty efficient without breaking them.

The key to drilling glass is letting the bit do all the work. You need to have water running over the bit while drilling. The main reason is glass dust isn’t good for your lungs and the water will keep that dust down. The other reason is the water keeps the drill bit and the bottle cool while your drilling so the glass doesn’t stress and break.

Want some other DIY wine and liquor bottle ideas?

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  • Tiffany

    I adore these! Though I don’t drink so maybe someone will Freecycle them to me? Worth a try. :)

    • Jeffrey Davis

      Hey @tijja:disqus, instead of waiting on a Freecycle listing just pop into your local bar or pub and they’ll gladly unload some to ya for free! Let me know if that works out ok? And also feel free to share some pics of your lamps if you make any!

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