Dance of the Planets 2013 begins May 24th in the evening sky

Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter "dance" in the evening skyOMG! Is that a tightly packed cluster of alien ships invading our atmosphere?

Relax, it’s just one of nature’s astronomical treats for those who take the time to look up into the evening sky every now and then.

The Dance of the Planets begins tonight, May 24th, and is when Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury (the three brightest planets in the night sky) will all appear to be very close to each other.

Each evening the planets will be in different (but still very close) positions to each other, giving the appearance that they are dancing around each other from day to day.

The planets will be closest to each other in their “dance” from May 24th to 29th. So close, in fact, there will most definitely be some planetary bumpin’ and grindin’ happening on that cosmic dance floor.

To enjoy this free show, look Northwest about 45 minutes after sunset every evening to see how the planets get twirled around the floor, cuz that’s what they invented dancin’ for — and I just wanna dance with you. (Bonus cool points if you can name that song reference in the comments).

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  • Chillemet

    Without cheating via Google, I’ve got nothin…but pumped about the celestial bumping & grinding!!

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