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Check the video!Teaching his grandson to read, by Jewish writer, poet and photographer, Alter Kacyzne. 

Eric Welsh, new decreed Visiting Supporter Prof in Jewish Studies, envisioned in Israel at the archeological dig in Secernate es-Safi, the scriptural metropolis of Gath.“Darom” lamp made ca. One hundred CE, that is betwixt the Devastation of the Synagogue in seventy CE and the Bar Kokhba Insurrection (135 CE). This is, thus, one of the finish objects made in Israel by Jews for Jews earlier the Diaspora.Give to KU Jewish StudiesNews for Spring 2016Jewish agricultural colonies in Western Kansas in the 1880s.On March 9, we are hosting a visit by the Israeli Consul General for the Midwest, Roey Gilad; on April 10, Professor Emeritus David Katzman will lead a tour of Jewish Laurence and Eudora; and on May 12, we will be conducting our annual graduation celebration. Check out our calendar page

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for more details.Explore our website to learn more about our minor in Jewish Studies, the assortment of courses offered by a diversified faculty, and to see the variety of events sponsored by our program. We invite all students, alumni and friends to see what we’re up to here at KU as well as in the surrounding communities.

The JS faculty has been working very hard to keep Jewish Studies constantly developing.

The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle published an article on Molly Rissien, the first student to graduate with a special major in Jewish Studies from KU this Spring, 2015.  Congratulations to Molly and all Jewish Studies graduates.

The Program has received several donations of books on Jewish subjects; we’re beginning to amass quite a library!

Now in the Wilcox Greco-roman Museum, KU.B’nai Israel Graveyard in Eudora, Kansas.We are now in our one-third class of sponsoring discipline afield programs in Israel (Haifa University, Tel Aviv University, and Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and at Jewish Studies programs in otc countries: check the Post of Discipline Afield: JS is now excavating (25 June – seventeen July)) in southern Israel at Tell es-Safi, the site of ancient Gath, led by Professors Aren Maeir of Bar Ilan University and our own Eric Welch.John Younger, Professor and Academic Director for Jewish – Email me with your thoughts and suggestions!We’re getting better all the time!Now that we have both a Jewish Studies minor and a major we’re beginning to see an equal number declaring. See our websites on the two programs: the JS Minor and the JS Major.

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