Contrary to popular belief, living green isn’t hard.

You might be a business that is trying to green your operations or a person who is attempting to green your everyday life, but in either case, every step matters.

What is Eco-Snobbery?

Most importantly, it’s when people don’t recognize the significance of every step…be it big or small.

But eco-snobbery could also play out when:

  • People look down their noses at others for not doing “as much” as they do.
  • Businesses make their operations or products seem more eco-friendly than they really are.
  • Manufacturers charge an unfair “eco-premium” for products that don’t warrant it.

Why does it suck?

Because…it does. Obviously.

Each journey begins with a single step, every book begins with a single page, blah blah blah. The moral of the story is that every step DOES matter. If you’re rockin’ solar panels and geothermal heating on your home or if you’re sourcing organic ingredients from fair trade certified farms, then that is awesome. We love it. Keep it up.

If you’re taking reusable bags to the store when you can remember them or if your company switched to recycled paper in the printer, that’s awesome too. Keep that up as well.

Whether you’re a person or a company, we wanna hear how you’re getting your green on, so please let us know. If you’re a business and want to let everyone else know that you’re not an Eco-Snob, consider advertising with us.car cover 2013 jettaSuzukimt kilimanjaro eruptinglytro illum купитьbinary option brokers reviewok optionsденьги в долг херсонэкспресс займ воронежприора в кредиткредит на кукурузуvillas for sale in miamiпродвижение сайта в гугл24optionразработка корпоративных сайтовсекссмотриреклама бесплатно