Get in front of a super-savvy green audience

Our reader base is…

  • a 50% male to female split
  • mostly 18-49 years old
  • educated and make a healthy living
  • and most importantly…ready to discover how they can live greener through things they’re already interested in.

That last part is where our advertisers really benefit. We have over 60,000 page views per month and 2,000+ twitter and facebook followers, and 200+ RSS and weekly newsletter subscribers who actively comment, share content, and interact in discussion on and off the site. Most of those readers are looking to connect with ideas, products, and brands that will help them live greener through their current passions…not have to learn yet ANOTHER “this” or “that” that they have to do.

Eco-Snobbery Sucks, but so does crappy advertising

We want to serve the most relevant and interesting ads to our readers as well as make the process as easy as it can be for great, non-eco-snob advertisers.

To that end, we partner with iSocket to provide self-serve ad slots that you can compare, buy, and get your campaign up and running on Eco-Snobbery Sucks in 3 quick steps.

That said, we do (and ALWAYS will) double check and dig into would-be advertisers just to make sure no one is trying to pull a fast one on us (or more importantly, our awesome readers) before we approve a campaign.

Trust us, that’s better for everyone involved.

We like to offer a mix of CPM advertising slots as well as tenancy-based options, and prices start as low as $5 eCPM and $50/week.

Some ad options available are:

  • 728 x 90 leaderboard; sitewide & above content
  • 300 x 250; sitewide in the sidebar
  • 300 x 250; below each post
  • 125 x 125; sitewide in the sidebar
  • and oh so much more.


Other custom campaigns such as email newsletter advertising, contests & giveaways, and sponsored features are also available. Use the contact form below to check further into some of these other advertising opportunities or a fully custom campaign.

Contact us for additional advertising information or inquiries. We love getting the word out about non-eco-snob companies!

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