About Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson is a freelance writer with nearly 20 years of experience in community health education, non-profit program management and mental health counseling. Amy works on projects that promote greener, healthier living through pragmatic approaches. She is an avid fan of reality therapy, small town farmers markets and dishing out home cooking with unsolicited advice. You can also follow Amy’s adventures in realistic wellness.

4 steps to fresher language in green business

Green business focus

The language you use to brand your product, service or message is a big deal. You choose words carefully to define who you are and to help you stand out. People and businesses use “green” or “eco” to showcase a commitment to a healthier environment. But overuse of these terms now has us wondering; who […]

5 common sense tips about bacon (and nitrates)

Bacon -- nom, nom, nom.

Bacon is the Comeback Kid. Foodies are more excited about it than ever. Creative recipes sizzle all over web: chocolate-covered bacon, bacon ice cream, bacontinis, and more. Whether it is rebellion against chia seed or an unabashed reclamation of hedonism, eating bacon is IN. But how much SHOULD we eat if no bacon is truly “nitrate-free”?

Four factors to consider before seed shopping

Things to consider before buying seeds

Who’s drooling over seed catalogs already? If you’re thinking about getting a head start on your garden this spring, now is the time to be starting your seeds indoors. But the next question is will you use organic or non-genetically modified seeds? And if so, where do you find them? These 4 tips are sure to get you headed down the right path.

The Green Bowl: Would the Giants or Patriots win?

Which Super Bowl team is the greenest?

Technically, the Super Bowl doesn’t count without the Packers. But we suppose there are some East Coast folk who might tune in. Whether you’re a disgruntled cheese head, a Giant, or a Patriot, entertain yourself with this breakdown of who would win the “Green Bowl” — based on the most unscientific methods imaginable, of course.

Juice fasts: Review of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

A glass of green juice for a juice fast

Are you interested in juice fasts and weight loss stories? This documentary focuses on personal responsibility instead of corporate influence. Sure, this review is a little tardy. But with so many documentaries and reality shows about the food industry and extreme weight loss, it’s easy for the ol’ eyes to glaze over and miss one.

8 common sense ideas for choosing a New Year cleanse

lemons help cleanse your body

Were your holidays filled with cheese truffles and egg nog? Does the new year make you want to kick-start your healthy living plan with a post-holiday cleanse? Relax, it doesn’t have to be crazy, restrictive, and require your to stay within 10 steps of the bathroom. All a good cleanse requires is a bit of common sense.

Christmas tree choice: Fake, real or alternative?

Fake, real, or alternative Christmas tree?

Ever considered getting a fake Christmas tree? Poor real trees. All that water, energy, and waste for a few weeks of simple pleasure. A fake tree would help eliminate repeated applications of pesticides and fertilizers that leak into local watersheds. A fake tree would not become discarded waste. It all added up to eco-friendliness – or does it?

My personal, greener holiday wish list

Christmas gift

I will admit something most people don’t during the gift-giving season. I like receiving. Childish, perhaps. Or, maybe we all have that subconscious urge to clap when we see pretty packages with our name on them. Yet times have changed since I begged Santa for a Barbie Town House. I know where money comes from […]

How to winterize your garden…or not

How to winterize your garden

Every year I have illusions of grandeur for my garden. I pictured myself sitting at our farmer’s market behind display baskets overflowing with a bounty of tomatoes, peppers and fresh herbs. In reality, I sold leftover handmade jewelry, some divided perennials and enough herbs to season one big kettle of soup. I selfishly hoarded what […]

Hunting your own food: A liberal converts

Hunting your own food

Why hunt when there is plenty of meat on the shelves of your local grocery store? Isn’t hunting just about rednecks drinking beer in the woods and slaughtering helpless animals for trophies? Nope. A new convergence of hunter and environmentalist is happening, and people are learning that hunting their own food can be super eco-friendly.