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Home-grown herbs: How to grow herbs indoors easily

indoor herb gardening

Whether you’re a complete noob to the indoor growing game or you can give Dwight Schrute a run for his beet-loving money, you don’t need experience to grow your own herbs. Better yet, you don’t even need lots of space! Even if you only have a single windowsill or a square foot of spare countertop, […]

5 apps for a healthy lawn and garden


A multitude of lawn and garden apps now exist to educate and assist homeowners in tending to the lawn or growing a garden. Toss the gardening books this year and get the growing done with these horticultural apps. Turfgrass Management $19.99 a year for iPhone & Android Developed by University of Georgia, Turfgrass Management is […]

How to make the most of second hand kids clothes

second hand kids clothes

No matter where you find them, second hand clothes all have their share of tell-tale signs that they’ve been worn and loved before. Luckily, clothes aren’t only good for wearing, they’re so easy to upcycle too. And by incorporating an eco-friendly ethos to fit your parenting, you’ll find that you save money and help the environment!

Could online voting be better for the environment?

2012 election voting

The idea of increasing online voting, or e-voting, has been touted by some as a way to make elections more environmentally friendly. However, rather than being a simple case of energy efficiency, this debate is a complex one that goes right to the heart of the internet’s environmental credentials. So with presidential elections just a […]

Old warehouse becomes green living community in UK

The Greenhouse community in Leeds, UK

Leeds, United Kingdom is a vibrant city with much to offer the young professional. But it is easy to imagine that the green living trend can easily be remiss in such a bustling place. Make no mistake, however, because sustainable living developments are beginning to spring up. The Greenhouse in Leeds is one such recent […]

5 hidden natural getaways on the U.S. east coast

Great Falls of the Potomac River, Washington DC

Yosemite. Yellowstone. The Everglades. When it comes to natural places where we can escape on vacation, we all know about the big boys. National Parks get the attention of glossy magazines, while state parks are generally for locals “in the know.” Even then, most state parks can become crowded with family cookouts and RVs during […]

4 Baby steps to help you save energy at home

light switch complicator

Electricity is often seen as a relatively harmless resource to use. Well, harmless to everything except your wallet, anyway. Heavy users of electricity often don’t think of our use as being particularly damaging to the environment. The truth is, of course, that the electricity we all use comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is almost […]

9 amazing products made from recycled aluminum

recycled aluminum chair

While there’s no such thing as a perfect material in terms of recyclability, aluminum comes pretty close. Unlike paper or plastic, aluminum maintains its quality through the recycling process, meaning it can be recycled over and over again. As such, you’ve likely used recycled aluminum products without realizing it. Did you know that those soft […]

4 easy and natural DIY remedies for your pet

natural pet products

Do-it-yourself, natural, herbal remedies to use when you are feeling a bit down have become fairly common. There are plenty of delicious and effective natural remedy for colds and flu available, but there’s not a lot of information out there about natural and herbal pet remedies. But here are a few ways to start caring for your pets naturally.

4 fun ways to have a healthy and active family

garden gym

You must know the advantages of regular exercise by now right? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to get the family motivated to exercise in today’s hectic and frantic world. The great thing about exercising with the whole family is that everyone reaps the benefits; whether it’s weight loss/management, confidence/self-esteem, lower heart risks and even […]