Understanding the energy of tornadoes [Infographic]

Understanding the energy of tornadoes infographic thumbnail

The massive storms and tornado outbreaks have made it a rough spring for many Americans. Tornadoes can be the most powerful force in all of nature if conditions are right for them to reach their maximum strength, but have you ever wondered how and why they are so powerful? This infographic will help get a better understanding.

Hank D and the Bee: Solar + Wind = ____

Hank D and the Bee: Solar+Wind=____

What do you get when you add solar power and wind energy together? A good time and a cleaner future.

Japan tsunami threatens nuclear power plants

whirlpool after japan earthquake caused tsunami and damages nuclear power plant

The terrible earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan isn’t just causing unbelievable destruction, but threatens a nuclear disaster too. Check out these videos and pictures of the tsunami that struck Japan and join with us as we lend our thoughts to those living in the Pacific Rim and all those with loved ones there as well.

Small steps add up to BIG energy savings

Energy savings infographic

We talk a lot around here about how every step matters. Big steps matter. Small steps matter. If energy efficiency is something you’re passionate about, check out this wonderful infographic from WellHome that illustrates how picking the “low hanging fruit” can add up to some huge energy savings. What do you think about the data […]

The Republican triple threat

The Republican triple threat

What do you think? Are republicans the problem as this satirical cartoon suggests by illustrating that big coal, agricultural, and pharmaceutical companies are behind conservative legislation? How about democrats? Is one group solely responsible for all of the poor legislation in the U.S.?

Base jumping from giant wind turbines [VIDEO]

Wind turbine base jumping

If wind farms don’t end up panning out in terms of significant energy production, at least the giant turbines make great base jumping platforms. Enjoy this crazy video in preparation for an upcoming series that will take an in-depth and honest look at our energy sources.

Save the sea through creative plastic art contest

Plastic Sushi

What happens when 3 creative companies get together to save the oceans? You get a creative art contest with clever submissions like “plastic sushi”. Check out the Chaco Waves of Change contest and see how they plan to rid the oceans of garbage…or at least reduce the amount of it.

Future of the Earth in 127 hours

Earth in 127 Hours

It shouldn’t be this hard to kick the coal habit. Unfortunately, fighting against billionaires and their subsidy-driven profits takes some time. Don’t fret, we’ll come out of it clean…we just may be a bit bloody and limb-less.

Help StumbleUpon sponsor a Charity Water project

StumbleUpon Charity Water project

StumbleUpon serves up stories tailored to your interests from the hodgepodge of stories from around the web, and now they want to serve up clean water too. Charity:Water is gonna help them do it. Find out how $3 could change 1,000 lives.