What does a chainsaw company have to do with saving trees?

stihl tour de trees

A company known for its lawn and garden tools — chiefly its chainsaws — and a NGO that strives to raise money and support for arboriculture efforts and education seems to be the most unlikely of marriages. But that is exactly what STIHL and The TREE Fund have done in coming together for the STIHL […]

Hank D and the Bee: Advice from Tim DeChristopher

Hank D and the Bee: Advice from Tim DeChristopher

For more on Tim’s reasoning behind voting Republican in 2012 read the Grist article linked below. It’s a scary thought. Like Hank, I still need to wrap my head around it… More on Tim DeChristopher–aka “Bidder 70″ From Grist: Letter from an imprisoned activist: Time to ‘play dirty’ for the climate’s sake Tim DeChristopher’s Peaceful […]

Five ways to give locally

Small change adds up

My mom, a breast cancer survivor, stopped donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure after discovering they spent over a million dollars last year in lawsuits against smaller groups who used the phrase “for the cure” to promote local fundraisers. This triggered last week’s ruminations about breast cancer awareness here and on my own […]

Former Starbucks barista petitions for Fair Trade

Starbucks Fair Trade Certified coffee

Starbucks is facing a petition against their lack of Fair Trade Certified options in the United States…and one spear-headed by a former barista, nonetheless. But should they really care about their lack of Fair Trade certified products?

Going green gradually: Baby steps with a baby

going green with a baby

The birth of my first child inspired me to go green. But caring for my baby sucked up nearly all of my time, energy and money, rendering it tough to accomplish the eco-friendly changes I wanted to make. Nonetheless, I did make changes. Here are some of the changes I have been able to make with small children.

The aging activist

The Aging Activist

Don’t ever lose your passion or desire to take action for what you believe in. The rest of Joe Mohr’s cartoons, and cartoon updates and other green news on Twitter @GreenCartoons. porsche cayenne 2014 car coverскидки на ноутбукишины в интернет магазинеcar cover honda civic 2010бесплатная реклама на сайтескачат бесплатно порно видеоавто в кредит фордвзять кредит […]