Must Watch: Lioness adopts a baby antelope

lioness and baby antelope

Touching story of love and acceptance as a lioness adopts a baby antelope…instead of eating it.

The Adventures of “Recycle Kitty”

recycle kitty

Millie McMaster looks like just an ordinary house cat, but few people know her secret — she’s really an eco-friendly kitty who is on a mission to rescue empty plastic bottles from garbage bins and relocate them to more earth- (and kitty-friendly) recycling bins. In this video Millie McMaster transforms into Recycle Kitty who demonstrates […]

Hank D and the Bee: 3 Bees Discuss Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Hank D and the Bee: 3 Bees Discuss Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)

Those sound like 2 very American reactions to this horrible news. More on the parasite, Merck, and General Mills From Grist: Zombie bees! (the article that inspired the cartoon) From NaturalSociety: Anthony Gucciardi Speaks on Gardasil Dangers, Merck‚Äôs Political Corruption From Cornucopia: The General Mills Cereal Scorecard Follow the rest of the Hank D and […]

2 lion cubs play with a puppy [Video]

dog plays with lions

Who says cats and dogs are doomed to be mortal enemies? Sure, at first glance of this video you might think this pup is fixing to get mauled by the two young princes of the pride, but never fear, it’s just a harmless game of predator and prey. Even still, that’s not a game I’d like to play when those lions get a bit older.

Hank D and the Bee: Sharks Only Eat Certain Kinds of People?

Hank D and the Bee: Sharks Only Eat Certain Kinds of People?

More info on ocean pollution (Heavy) From Mother Jones: Marine Pollution: How the Ocean Became a Toxic Waste Dump (Lighter) From Greenwala: The Ocean’s Top 25 Deadliest Pollution Predators (Lightest) From Joel Harper: All the Way to the Ocean Happy New Year, Hankheads! Cheers to a promising 2012! Follow the rest of the Hank D […]

Tarra the elephant mourns the loss of her best friend, a dog named Bella

Bella the Dog and Tarra the Elephant

The Tennessee elephant sanctuary became famous a few years ago when news arose of a touching, and most unlikely, relationship that should not have come to be. But it did. It was the best friendship of Bella the dog and Tarra the elephant. Unfortunately Tarra recently discovered Bella’s body, and as with any loss, she mourns her.

Hunting your own food: A liberal converts

Hunting your own food

Why hunt when there is plenty of meat on the shelves of your local grocery store? Isn’t hunting just about rednecks drinking beer in the woods and slaughtering helpless animals for trophies? Nope. A new convergence of hunter and environmentalist is happening, and people are learning that hunting their own food can be super eco-friendly.

Awesome rescue dog learns to enjoy base jumping trips

Cajun the rescue base dog

Cajun was found abandoned at 3 months old. She was adopting by some loving and thrill-seeking owners who realized she was quite nimble navigating the craggy Utah desert. It took a year of training, but Cajun has learned how to navigate a 30-minte hike to reunite with her owners at the car after they do some base jumping. Check out her awesome video.

Two black bear cubs get flipped out of a hammock

bear cubs in hammock

It’s a hard life romping through the forest, learning to catch your own food, and settling on the best way to scare the scat out of humans at nearby campgrounds, but every now and then even the hardest working bear cubs have to kick back and relax…if only they didn’t get owned by that pesky hammock.

Hank D and the Bee: Bee visits grandpa again

Hank D and the Bee: Bee visits grandpa again

After the last two visits, I see why bee doesn’t drop in on grandpa more often. Help the “Maybees” From The Great Sunflower Project: Join The Hunt for Bees! From Care 2: Honeybee Crisis Continues: How You Can Help Stop Colony Collapse Disorder From Your Garden Show: Bugs, birds and bees need you! From PBS: […]