How to make the most of second hand kids clothes

second hand kids clothes

No matter where you find them, second hand clothes all have their share of tell-tale signs that they’ve been worn and loved before. Luckily, clothes aren’t only good for wearing, they’re so easy to upcycle too. And by incorporating an eco-friendly ethos to fit your parenting, you’ll find that you save money and help the environment!

How to make a liquor bottle lamp for $10

DIY liquor bottle lamp

Want to add some upcycled style to your home bar? How about reclaim the waste from your local pub to turn a personal profit? Either way, this DIY liquor bottle lamp project is a simple and creative way to do both.

Geek chic: DIY R2D2 high heels

R2D2 high heels

Geeks can be fashionistas too. These R2D2 shoes are the hottest thing this side of Tatooine and they’re cooler than Hoth. An R2D2 toy covers the heel bolt, and the toes have been decorated with lenses, blue accents, and a blinking red LED to let everyone know just how this droid rolls.”

Turn a wine bottle into a hummingbird feeder

DIY wine bottle hummingbird feeder

Winter’s grip may be at full strength, but the gradual warmth of spring is just around the corner. Go ahead and polish off a few bottles of booze to prepare your yard or balcony for your feathered friends that return with that warmth. We’ve talked about all kinds of clever uses for empty wine bottles […]

3 DIY Halloween wine bottle decorations

DIY candy corn bottles

What is the perfect way to deal with kids that are all hopped up on a Halloween sugar rush? Alcohol (for the adults, not to counteract the little ghouls’ and goblins’ sugar high). If you’re going to be cracking open a bottle or two of vino before Halloween, you can make them into some super cheap and awesome looking Halloween decorations.

Make stylish tea light holders from nothing but wire

DIY tea light holder

Want to add some style to an indoor or outdoor living space on the cheap? All you need is a roll of wire and some pliers. I stumbled across this DIY tea light holder idea from Remodelista via Pinterest the other day. It reminds me a lot of this very chic (and popular) hanging candle […]

3 clever DIY Super Bowl party decorations

beer bloom mug

The Super Bowl is a great excuse to huddle up with your crew and have a great time on a night that everyone is usually turning in early, in preparation for the upcoming work week. But you don’t have to spend tons of time or lots of money getting your home ready for a top-notch Super Bowl party…and an eco-friendly Super Bowl party at that.

How to turn wine bottles into chic winter decor

DIY winter wine bottle display

Next in our long list of wine bottle upcycling ideas is to turn them into a faux-snow-covered winter display. This creation could serve equally well as a dining table center piece or just to adorn your mantle or random end table that needs some decor TLC.

3 creative designs for DIY paper snowflakes

junk mail DIY snowflakes

No matter how hard you try to stop the junk mail madness, it seems to fill up your mailbox nonetheless. A great way to reuse that crappy junk mail is to craft it into super-chic paper snowflakes to decorate your office, home, or intergalactic battle station. Here are 3 clever designs to choose from…

Easy to make wine bottle Jack-o-Lantern

How to make your own wine bottle jack-o-lantern

Scare the juice right out of your favorite grapes with some of these awesome DIY wine bottle Jack-o-Lanterns. A cool thing about this project is that, unlike many of our other wine bottle DIY ideas, you don’t have to wait until the wine bottles are empty. Of course using empty ones works too. Read on for the how-to instructions.