How to make a recycled paper flower wedding bouquet

music paper flowers

One of our bride-to-be writers wanted her wedding party’s bouquet and boutonnieres to be as as green…and inexpensive…as possible. One possible way to do just that is to find an alternative to real flowers that would last longer and use less new materials. Check out these instructions on how to make your own recycled paper flowers.

Grow herbs in a recycled wine bottle

Grow herbs in a recycled wine bottle

Just because the weather is turning cooler, doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening. There are all kinds of fall and winter garden ideas, but one of the simplest is just to bring your garden inside. What more stylish way is there to do that than to grow some herbs in recycled wine bottles?

Thwart car break-ins with a DIY fake recycling box

A clever way to disguise valuables in your car as nothing but a box of recycling

Sometimes I feel like I live out of my car. Anyone else? With the busyness of life I sometimes leave valuable items – electronics – in plain view of would-be thieves. This simple but ingenious DIY project is a great way to keep car-bound valuables disguised as a a box of recycling using….items you’re already […]

Chic hanging candles made from wine bottles

Recycled Wine Bottle Candle

Wine bottles have so many uses…and containing tasty fermentation for your sipping pleasure is only one of them. We’ve talked about several uses for empty wine bottles before, but this one definitely deserves a spot on that list too. Imagine your deck or patio adorned with wine bottle tiki torches in tandem with these hanging candles. Par-tay!

How to make a sexy bikini from a t-shirt or leggings

sexy bikini bathing suit

Women everywhere are on a constant hunt for the perfect, most flattering bikini (or other bathing suit), but if you’re having trouble finding it, just make your own from an old t-shirt or a pair of leggings you have stuffed in a drawer or a closet. That will ensure it will look the best on all of your assets…and better than anything off the shelf.

Grow your own mini garden in an Altoids tin

Altoid tin garden

If you weren’t yet aware, Altoids tins have a pretty huge cult following among crafty DIYers. From adding some much needed fauna to a small space, to making your own fully functioning guitar, Altoids tins are the answer. Who’d have thought it, right?

Hank D and the Bee: Rain Garden Coloring Sheet

Hank D and the Bee: Rain Garden Coloring Sheet

Don’t waste your city water to water your garden. You can harvest rain water from your roof in a rain barrel to water your garden for free. Doing one step better is to build a rain garden that harvests rain water on its own. Get the whole family interested in rain gardening and print this out for your favorite colorer.

Recycled craft ideas for old calendars and catalogs

DIY catalog crafts

Old catalogs and calendars are often destined for the recycling bin once their usefulness seems spent. But there are oh so many more ways that those items can be put to handy use than just shopping or scheduling. Check out these crafty ways to turn their pages into chic organizers, envelopes, gift tags, and more.

Marshmallow Peeps get their yoga on for Easter

peeps doing yoga diorama

It’s nice when sugary treats decide to get themselves in shape so they can be as easy on your diet as possible when you inevitably bite their fluffy heads off. Check out this awesome diorama scene that pictures one of everybody’s favorite Easter sweets, Marshmallow Peeps, getting their yoga on (and how to make your own such scene).

3 ways to upcycle ordinary items into stylish decor

Suitcase vanity

Just because an item was designed for a single purpose doesn’t mean it can’t be easily transformed into something that serves another. Check out these clever ways to transform ordinary things like picture frames, suitcases, and even tree bark into amazing decor and organizational systems.