Tesla Motors unveils a SEXY electric crossover SUV

tesla model x with "falcon wing" doors open

You don’t have to drive something that looks like a cheap matchbox car to roll in electric style. Tesla Motors, aka, makers of all-things-sexy (at least when it comes to electric vehicles), unveiled their new Model X yesterday. The Model X is being described as something between a sleek crossover SUV and a minivan, but […]

Thwart car break-ins with a DIY fake recycling box

A clever way to disguise valuables in your car as nothing but a box of recycling

Sometimes I feel like I live out of my car. Anyone else? With the busyness of life I sometimes leave valuable items – electronics – in plain view of would-be thieves. This simple but ingenious DIY project is a great way to keep car-bound valuables disguised as a a box of recycling using….items you’re already […]

How tire makers are treading lighter on the planet

Every tire maker has eco-friendly tires to choose from

Everyone thinks you have to buy a new hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or electric vehicle to roll greener on the road, but you don’t. All you have to do is sling some new rubber on your current vehicle. The tire industry is doing some amazing things to lessen their product’s impact on the environment and your wallet.

The pragmatic beauty of Valvoline’s NextGen oil

Valvoline NextGen recycled motor oil

Valvoline is throwing a giant green wrench in the gears of the tire & lube industry…and that’s a good thing. Their new NextGen motor oil is made of 50% recycled oil. There’s a lot of life left in used oil. Finished motor oil is made from 85% base oil and 15% additives. The “oil part” of motor oil doesn’t really wear out, the additives do.

5 green inventions that are poised to go viral

Green Box pizza box

There are so many cool eco-friendly inventions out there just waiting for their turn to go viral. Most of them won’t, but a few will catch on and spread like wildfire. Brilliant inventions don’t have to be super-high-tech, they just have to change life as we know it…and 1 of these 5 inventions just may.

No royal carriage for your wedding? No worries.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding carriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding next month will hardly be a toned down, eco-conscious affair…though they will leave the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. But just because you can’t afford a 100-year-old horse-drawn carriage to haul you away from your nuptials, doesn’t mean your wedding travel can’t be eco-friendly.

New Porsche raises the bar for hybrid speedsters

Porsche Panamera S Hybrid

After several hybrid electric vehicle launches in 2010, Porsche is now making another HEV; the Panamera S Hybrid. This car is sexy, elegant and gives you 380 horsepower with fuel consumption of only 6.8 L/100 km. Porsche claims that “the Panamera S Hybrid is the most fuel efficient Porsche of all time.”

Reuse a lunch bag as a stylish car trash can


Reusing plastic grocery bags as mobile trash cans will get the job done, but it also creates even more waste and doesn’t exactly look good hanging on your shifter. I solved both of those problems when I realized that one of my kids’ stylish reusable lunch bag would be the perfect mobile trash can.

3 reasons to reduce green house gases by carpooling

El Camino car pool

Carpooling is a great way to reduce our impact on the planet…in fact, it’s one of the best ways. Find someone going near or to the same place you are and share a ride. It should be noted, however, that carpooling shouldn’t be confused with turning your car into a pool.

Ford figures out how to green pickup trucks

Ford F-150 Raptor NAIAS 2011

Finally! An automaker has figured out a way to make pickup trucks more fuel efficient without sacrificing power or performance…and it’s about damn time. Ford’s new EcoBoost V6 truly delivers the Eco and the Boost by getting unprecedented highway gas mileage while out-powering their 5.0L V8.