Watch: Jeb Corliss defies death to grind the crack

Amazing Jeb Corliss jump

I wrote about seven extreme green sports on MNN earlier this year and probably should have included wingsuit BASE jumping. This extreme variation of an already extreme sports requires jumpers to turn themselves into flying squirrels using specially made suits and then hurl themselves off mountains to fly down their steep slope, sometimes being literally […]

Willie & Chipotle: Sometimes sellin’ out ain’t so bad

willie nelson chipotle

Does Willie Nelson’s commercial for the mega Mexican food chain, Chipotle, mean he is turning from his farmer advocacy work and crossing over to the dark side of the corporate conglomerate? Nope. In fact, it may just be what the restaurant industry needs to inspire a large-scale food integrity renaissance.

No royal carriage for your wedding? No worries.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding carriage

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding next month will hardly be a toned down, eco-conscious affair…though they will leave the ceremony in a horse-drawn carriage. But just because you can’t afford a 100-year-old horse-drawn carriage to haul you away from your nuptials, doesn’t mean your wedding travel can’t be eco-friendly.