What does a chainsaw company have to do with saving trees?

stihl tour de trees

A company known for its lawn and garden tools — chiefly its chainsaws — and a NGO that strives to raise money and support for arboriculture efforts and education seems to be the most unlikely of marriages. But that is exactly what STIHL and The TREE Fund have done in coming together for the STIHL […]

Plastic bottles turned solar light bulb for lesser-privileged communities

liter of light solar bulb

Imagine having to live in a dark home, even in the daytime. Thousands of households in both urban and rural areas in countries like the Philippines have no access to electricity and light. Even when they do, low-income families are unable to afford skyrocketing electric expenses. According to the National Electrification Commission, 3 million households […]

Five ways to give locally

Small change adds up

My mom, a breast cancer survivor, stopped donating to Susan G. Komen for the Cure after discovering they spent over a million dollars last year in lawsuits against smaller groups who used the phrase “for the cure” to promote local fundraisers. This triggered last week’s ruminations about breast cancer awareness here and on my own […]

New Belgium Tour de Fat: The best party on 2 wheels

New Belgium Tour de Fat

Bicycles + beer + crazy costumes = one hell of a party. And that’s exactly what you get when you attend a New Belgium Tour de Fat. Add to that the fact that Tour de Fat events benefit local charities and promote bike awareness and it’s a party you do NOT want to miss. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few pro-bike cause that isn’t also anti-car.

Give away or get used stuff for free with Givmo.com

Givmo logo

Craigslist and eBay are great for finding items you want at a good price, but a new website called Givmo lets you give away or get used items for free…from anywhere in the U.S. All the person receiving the items has to do is pay for shipping. Givmo goes the extra mile by donating $1 to charity for each item given away through their service.

TOMS Shoes help couples give back on wedding day

TOMS wedding shoes

Don’t be a snob about the shoes you wear at your wedding…but don’t forgot about them either. The wedding collection from TOMS Shoes is a great way to bring eco-friendly style to your wedding party while contributing to the social good as well.

Ladies, let your girls hang free for a good cause

New Zealand bra fence

Soma Intimates’ annual bra drive lets you donate your used bras to women in need through Dress for Success. Sure you don’t HAVE to go bra-less after donating, but it’s definitely an option. This great charity drive let’s you help another woman and give a second life to your bra at the same time.

Save the sea through creative plastic art contest

Plastic Sushi

What happens when 3 creative companies get together to save the oceans? You get a creative art contest with clever submissions like “plastic sushi”. Check out the Chaco Waves of Change contest and see how they plan to rid the oceans of garbage…or at least reduce the amount of it.

Help StumbleUpon sponsor a Charity Water project

StumbleUpon Charity Water project

StumbleUpon serves up stories tailored to your interests from the hodgepodge of stories from around the web, and now they want to serve up clean water too. Charity:Water is gonna help them do it. Find out how $3 could change 1,000 lives.

Movember: Fighting prostate cancer with moustaches

Movember moustache

Screw you November, it’s time for Movember! That’s right, November is getting the ‘stache treatment to help raise awareness about prostate cancer. What’s the big deal about prostate cancer? You don’ really hear about it that often, but it’s the 2nd most common type of cancer, 2nd only to skin cancer.