Say hello to the revolutionary Square water bottle

square water bottle

The Square is the latest 20oz water bottle from the folks at Clean Bottle — and both are the brainchild of Dave Mayer, the founder of Clean Bottle. The Square, while appearing to simply be a good looking water bottle, is actually quite special in a myriad of subtle ways — which are the best kind, don’t you think?

Epic bicycle wheel light sports 32 LEDs & 42 themes

monkeylectric m232 monkey light

When it comes to cycling, seeing the road ahead is important, but being seen by motorists is even more important. If you had a sweet wheel mounted lighting system made up of 32 LED’s, took up about 3/4 the height of your wheel, and combined 42 themes with hundreds of color combinations you wouldn’t just be seen by motorists, you’d be envied.

Charge your cell phone with your best dance moves

Charge your cell phone by dancing

What if you could charge your cell phone (or power your home) by dancing? Well, you actually can. A London-based company called Pavegen has created a tile that creates and stores energy by simply walking (or dancing) on it. The tiles will actually be deployed in a mall near the 2012 Summer Olympics to power over half the lights in the structure.

Swiftwick Socks: A spring in the step of US manufacturing

Swiftwick Aspire compression socks

Like many other industries in America, sock manufacturing packed up and left for distant shores about 12 years ago. We’ve all heard stories about some nameless textile industry company dousing their products and the water table with dyes and chemicals. But Swiftwick, a Tennessee-based compression sock company, is breaking that manufacturing mold.

Brooks Sports celebrates first Responsibility Report

Brooks Sports running responsibly Corporate Responsibility report

You’ve got to love it when a company pulls back the curtain shrouding their operations and lets their customers (and competitors) see exactly what they’re up to on an environmental and social level. And that’s exactly what the folks at Brooks Sports have just done…and they’re commemorating it in an incredibly clever way.

Doc’s All-Natural Chamois Cream [Review]

Doc's all-natural chamois cream

The last place you want to go rubbing a product full of nasty toxins is on your groin area…but that’s exactly what lots of cyclist do with chamois creams. Enter Doc’s Cycling Salves. We put Doc’s products through the ringer and they came out the other side with AMAZING reviews. Read on for the details.

Greenwala debuts a new, innovative, eco Marketplace

Greenwala's new Marketplace feature is a revolutionary new way to sell your products or services

There are lots of great ways to sell your products or services on the internet, but most of them come with a mountain of cost to your business. If your business slants more towards the greener side of the market, wants to change that…and they’re doing a good job.

Give away or get used stuff for free with

Givmo logo

Craigslist and eBay are great for finding items you want at a good price, but a new website called Givmo lets you give away or get used items for free…from anywhere in the U.S. All the person receiving the items has to do is pay for shipping. Givmo goes the extra mile by donating $1 to charity for each item given away through their service.

Staying lean and green at a pedal-powered gym

Green Revolutions alternative energy generating bikes

How cool would it be if you could power a building from biking? One NYC gym uses its stationary bikes to keep its lights on. The electricity generated by the bikes goes back into the gym’s power grid and, over the course of a month, one room of Spinner bikes generates about 300 kilowatts – enough to light a typical home for half a year.

Recycled craft ideas for old calendars and catalogs

DIY catalog crafts

Old catalogs and calendars are often destined for the recycling bin once their usefulness seems spent. But there are oh so many more ways that those items can be put to handy use than just shopping or scheduling. Check out these crafty ways to turn their pages into chic organizers, envelopes, gift tags, and more.