How to shift gears on your bike…with your mind

Shift gears on your bike by thinking it

You’d expect a clever pun and funny video to follow with a title like this right? But you’d be wrong. This technology is real. Toyota partnered with design house Deeplocal and bicycle builder Parlee Cycles to make an aerodynamic road bike that can be shifted with nothing but brain waves.

iBamboo speakers rock your iPhone tunes sans energy

iBamboo iPhone speaker dock

There are all kinds of eco-friendly iPhone, iPod, Android device, and other portable music player speakers out there, but none of them can amplify the volume of your digital tunes without needing battery or A/C power…except the iBamboo. This brilliant (and chic) simply combines a foot long piece of bamboo and minimal processing to pump your jams.

Portable knife and fork that morph into chopsticks

Knife and fork that combine to become spring loaded chopsticks

These transformer utensils are molded rubber with nylon grips and when combined to become chopsticks, they actually provide a spring action to eradicate any chopstick handling issues that those less dexterous of us may have. Were it a real product, this hybrid utensil concept would also address what we call the disposable chopstick dilemma.

Edible Jelloware cups make littering cool

Edible Jelloware cups made from red algae biodegrade into good nutrients for the soil

These edible cups are made entirely out of a substance called agar agar, a gelatin-like substance that originally comes from red algae. If you don’t feel like eating the cup, you can actually just toss it in the grass and the seaweed nutrients break down to support the growth of grass and plants.

Ford unveils one Crossover to rule them all

Ford Vertrek Concept

Ford is definitely one of the brightest shining stars at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) this week. Today they unveiled a new Crossover SUV concept codenamed the Vertrek. I was on-site at NAIAS and Ford’s press conference this morning when they introduced this piece of automotive art to the world…and it was oh-so-impressive. […]