5 common sense tips about bacon (and nitrates)

Bacon -- nom, nom, nom.

Bacon is the Comeback Kid. Foodies are more excited about it than ever. Creative recipes sizzle all over web: chocolate-covered bacon, bacon ice cream, bacontinis, and more. Whether it is rebellion against chia seed or an unabashed reclamation of hedonism, eating bacon is IN. But how much SHOULD we eat if no bacon is truly “nitrate-free”?

Juice fasts: Review of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

A glass of green juice for a juice fast

Are you interested in juice fasts and weight loss stories? This documentary focuses on personal responsibility instead of corporate influence. Sure, this review is a little tardy. But with so many documentaries and reality shows about the food industry and extreme weight loss, it’s easy for the ol’ eyes to glaze over and miss one.

8 common sense ideas for choosing a New Year cleanse

lemons help cleanse your body

Were your holidays filled with cheese truffles and egg nog? Does the new year make you want to kick-start your healthy living plan with a post-holiday cleanse? Relax, it doesn’t have to be crazy, restrictive, and require your to stay within 10 steps of the bathroom. All a good cleanse requires is a bit of common sense.

Tasty skillet chocolate chip cookie recipe

skillet chocolate chip cookie tastiness

What is a skillet chocolate chip cookie? It’s a chocolate chip cookie the size of a skillet, that you make in a skillet. Who wants 4? The weekend is always a good time to have a bit of not-TOO-terrible for ya indulgence, and if this skillet chocolate chip cookie doesn’t do it for ya, you […]

Vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe

vegan cookie recipe

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie…especially when they’re not as bad for you as recipes full of cheap crap. This cookie recipe isn’t only easy on your diet, but also isn’t your run of the mill old chocolate chip cookie. Pay close attention to the peanut butter, cacao nibs, and sea salt in this cookie recipe.

Why are health books written at such a high level?

Health books written at high grade level

Literacy skills are the strongest predictor of health status, more than age, income, employment status, education level or racial/ethnic group. Most adult Americans read at an 8th to 9th grade level, with 20% of us falling below a 5th grade level. So why do we write most health care materials above the 10th grade level?

Healthy homemade nori sushi roll recipe

Healthy homemade nori sushi roll recipe

This recipe from the book Crazy Sexy Diet is called “I Am Loved Nori Rolls”. It sounded so good that I decided to try it out with my kids. It was a big hit, with both kids eating at least one roll themselves, and asking me to make more. Making sushi at home is healthier and cheaper than going out to eat it and this recipe is a great place to start.

Ditched the soda and miss the fizz? Try kefir!

homemade kombucha

Are you a soda or diet soda addict? Most of us would admit that we LOVE the fizzy goodness of a nice can of Coca-Cola. In my search for a low-calorie fizzy drink I discovered kombucha, a fermented “tea” made from a culture comprised of yeast and bacteria. But then came water kefir, kombucha’s easier to make cousin. Here is my favorite recipe.

Are fruits and veggies the key to weight loss?

crazy fruit and vegetable diets

More people than not are all too familiar with the diet roller coaster. Crazy diets and food delivery services exist for any trend you can find, but can organic fruit and vegetable diets be just as crazy? Diets that encourage eating 2 pounds of bananas at a time would seem so…the difference is they might actually work.

Vegan cookie pie recipe that’s not that bad for you

chocolate chip cookie recipe

Everyone knows that sweets just simply seem to be a part of the holidays. But this vegan chocolate chip cookie pie (yeah, you read that right) recipe is a sweet treat that will satisfy that holiday sweet tooth but won’t totally blow your diet after the new year either.