Vegetarian (but not healthy) marshmallow Peeps recipe

vegetarian marshmallow peeps

Nothing says happy Easter like biting the heads off of some homemade vegetarian marshmallow chicks and bunnies — except for maybe doing so after sending your homemade Peeps to yoga. The original homemade peeps recipe on The Kitchn calls for: Ingredients 7 1/2 teaspoons unflavored gelatin (*see below for vegetarian gelatin substitutes) 1 1/2 cups […]

Spring gift bags made from 100% recycled paper

recycled paper gift bag

Be it Easter, weddings, or graduations, spring is a big time of year for giving gifts. Nashville Wraps has you covered with 5 new designer gift bags all made from 100% recycled paper (and one that is made from 50% recycled paper) in their new spring line. I like the “Brushed Floral” design, personally. Which […]

Marshmallow Peeps get their yoga on for Easter

peeps doing yoga diorama

It’s nice when sugary treats decide to get themselves in shape so they can be as easy on your diet as possible when you inevitably bite their fluffy heads off. Check out this awesome diorama scene that pictures one of everybody’s favorite Easter sweets, Marshmallow Peeps, getting their yoga on (and how to make your own such scene).

Indulge in Easter chocolates without the guilt

Homemade Cadbury Easter chocolates recipe

It’s way too easy to put on some unwanted pounds around Easter and other candy-centric holidays. This home made Cadbury Creme Egg recipe could be a great way to enjoy some chocolate Easter treats without totally blowing your diet. Plus, making your own versions of your favorite indulgences also lets you control what ingredients go into the mix.